Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 & A Tale of Two Buffets

So far, nothing exciting has happened in my corner of the world this new year. I was up at a fairly decent time, considering what time I went to bed. Mom and Dad hit it at about 10:30 - late for them - but I was up past 1 chatting.

I spent most of the day playing computer games, and not much else. I did pack. I am making a visit to the state of Indiana this week-end, leaving in the morning. Would appreciate prayer for a safe trip down and back. It has been months since I played the game of Rook, and our "singles club" will be getting together to play. Cindy, Steven, and I will be driving out somewhere near Chicago to visit Kristin on Saturday, and Kristin and I will most likely beat the tar out of Steven and Cindy in Rook, as we usually do when we play. Ah, those were the good old days! It will be fun to hang out with those 3 again, even if I wasn't so sure of winning. :-)

Dad got a doe this evening. Awfully cold weather to be sitting out in the woods, but his patience won out! After he shot it, it just froze solid. Not really, but it is cold!

If you live in my area, and are prone to eat at pizza buffets, let me give you a heads up on where to go. Mom, Dad, and I used to go to the Pizza Hut Buffet in Salem almost weekly before I moved to Indiana, but they raised their prices, so we haven't been there in some time, but decided to go last night. The price may be cheaper at lunch - it is $5.99 then, but not sure if that includes the salad bar. When you go Wednesday evening, which is when we like to go, it is an extra $2.50 for the salad bar. Whether you want it or not. And I didn't. But I still had to pay the extra $2.50. In addition, we decided to save money on pop - which is $1.99 each - and get a 2 liter and 3 glasses, but that isn't allowed. We walked out with a bill of $33 before Mom and Dad's senior discount.

We tend to eat more often at the East of Chicago Pizza Buffet here in Lisbon. It is $6.95, and that includes the salad bar - which has more on it than Pizza Hut - 3-4 different kinds of soup, subs, and more kinds of pizza than Pizza Hut puts out, and EOC will cheerfully make you a pizza for the buffet of whatever you ask for. Plus: They will bring a 2 liter of pop to your table and glasses with ice so you can save a few bucks on drinks. Pizza Hut does not have subs on their bar, nor do they have soup. They do have some kind of pasta, but that doesn't make it worthwhile to go there.

So there you have it. The cheapest and more plentiful buffet to eat at in the Columbiana County area is East of Chicago Pizza. :-) Almost makes me want to become a restaurant critic!

In completely unrelated news, a poll of active military personnel shows that 6 out of 10 are wary or downright pessimistic about having Obama as commander-in-chief. Yikes!


teacherprincess said...

Thanks for the restaurant low down... lol I'll keep that in mind next time I'm in the mood for pizza

Cindy said...

It was so GOOD to see you! You should come back more often :) And just for the record, Steve and I won 2 of the games on Saturday, and you and Kristin one 3. Just barely. Anyway, it was a blast to be together again. The games on Friday were fun too, as was the mexican food!

Christa said...

Speaking of East of Chicago in Lisbon, go around 8 PM to the buffet, They will make you what you want, and usually send everything home with you from the buffet as there wont be enough customers to eat it the rest of the evening!! --the voice of experience (lol)

Cindy said...

Uh-oh. Just noticed the typo in my previous comment. You and Kristin WON 3 games, not one three....sorry! I shouldn't try to do this when my brain is fried :)