Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama, You Are No Abraham Lincoln

Only three more days before the big take-over. I am not just being a doom and gloom person, I really believe that our country is in trouble, and our freedoms could be doomed. Let's see he has promised to allow gays in the military, and now a tape has surfaced of him saying he is for same sex marriage and would fight for it. He wants to further the cause of abortion, has picked some really dandy people for his cabinet picks, is all for gun control.

I am really tired of the Obama mania. People do act like he is a god, and is to be worshiped. There are even shoes with his face and president number on. His inauguration will cost an estimated $150 million in this terrible economic time we are in, while Bush was criticized because his cost $40 million. I am really hoping that the worst weather hits DC on Tuesday........ Speaking of Obama mania, Itunes has grouped together 48 pro Obama songs - you can download separately, or buy the whole package together. Can anyone say overkill?

He is trying to portray himself as being like Abraham Lincoln. He is using the same Bible for his immaculation ceremony that Lincoln isn't that just precious?! He will roll into DC by train for the immaculation, duplicating Lincoln's arrival by train for his inauguration, and will attend a concert at the Lincoln Memorial. I am just surprised that he is using a Bible at all............

I cannot see any similarities between he and Lincoln. Certainly not in honesty. Lincoln was known for honesty, and Obama has lied so often that he probably doesn't even know what is true. Lincoln had integrity and principles. Obama sold his out years ago to further his agenda and career.

Many people who are not for him, say we should pray for blessings on him and that he succeeds. I am with Rush Limbaugh on that one: To wish he succeeds is to wish that socialism succeeds, so I hope he doesn't succeed.

On Tuesday, President Bush will leave office forever. The same media who catapulted Obama into the White House by refusing to investigate him, and giving him a celebrity-like status, has made the world hate Bush, and think he has been a horrible president. He hasn't been. Has he been perfect? No, and has done and said some things I disagree with, but he has kept this country safe, helped the pro-life cause, and hasn't been doing hanky panky like Clinton did.

America didn't want a good man, they wanted anyone who wasn't Bush, and in three days, we are getting what we probably deserve. God have mercy on America, and I pray that He does not bless Barrack Hussein Obama, but thwarts his plans on every side where they will hurt our freedoms and further the liberal agenda.


Kim M. said...

Abraham Lincoln would roll over in his grave!!!