Monday, January 5, 2009

The Opposite of The Apostle Paul

I have come to the realization that the Apostle Paul and I are complete opposites. More on that later......

I just arrived safely home from Indiana about 45 minutes ago. Thanks to anyone who may have prayed for me as I made my trip.

I left here around 8 am Friday, and arrived at Steven's house in Orleans, IN, at 3 pm. After visiting with he and his mom for a while, we headed to Walmart, then on to the Christian bookstore, where he shopped, and I browsed - the trip strapped me too much to make unnecessary purchases, which was rough, since I saw a new book that I have been waiting for forever - well, the date was delayed by about 6 months.

We met Cindy at the Mexican restaurant in Bedford where I again had their Texas Style Chicken Quesadillas. Man, is it good! Steven had an awful dish called "Hawaiian Chicken Fajitas". There are so many things wrong with that. For instance, pineapples and mushrooms together?! To each their own..........

Later, we played Rook with 6 people. Steven, Cindy, and I played Steven's sister, Suzanne, her husband, Joe, and Steven's sister-in-law, Kim. I think Cindy and Steven were on the verge of weeping with gratitude to be on my team, which put them on a winning team for a change. We beat three out of three. They seem unable to win when they play against me..................or at least rumor has it. :-)

I slept horribly, and we had to rise early to head to Kristin's. We were met in Cindy's driveway by a foaming-at-the-mouth Cindy, wet hair hanging, who muttered around her toothbrush that she wasn't quite ready. I was glad she told us, as I would never have guessed! :-) After she finally got herself around, we headed off for the 4 hour trip to Kristin's. A trip that was confusing time-wise, as they are an hour behind us.

Kristin lives close to Illinois, not in it, as I had thought. Four miles exactly, and about an hour from Chicago. We were going to go see Chicago, but realized we would have had no time to do much, so the four of us went and had some Chicago style pizza, then went back to her house to play Rook. It was awesome to get back with them to play Rook again. We got 5 games in, and Kristin and I won most of them - most being 3 out of 5. We are still ahead also for the grand total of 23 games to 19. Keep in mind, that they were way ahead of us for the longest time, but once we caught up, we have been the champions ever since!

We got back home very late: 1:30 am. Man, was I beat. I did make it to church, but was doing that thing where you hold your feet off the floor to stay awake. It really does work.

It does appear that the Apostle Paul and I are complete opposites. He was able to be content no matter what state he was in, and it seems I am unable to be content in any state. I liked living in Indiana, and made some great friends, but missed my family, and was not able to get back as often as I wished. Now that I am living back in Ohio, I find myself wondering if I did the right thing, and miss my Indiana friends a lot. Ideally, I'd move Cindy, Steven, and Kristin a lot closer. Kristin, especially would have to be moved a lot closer - Guatemala isn't exactly a hop, skip, and jump!

In closing, thanks Steven, Kristin, and Cindy, for being such great friends, even when we don't live close to each other. Thanks, Cindy, for putting up with my rude comments about your being so much older than I am - you really don't seem like you are - and for letting me beat you so badly in Rook all the time -Kristin, for rounding out our group, for being a great Rook partner, and for putting up with me until I became the Master Rook player....... and thanks Steven for being my best friend - and for being such a good loser in Rook. You guys all gave me a much needed fun week-end. I love you guys, and miss you all a lot!

A PS for people who may not know me as well as these 3: I am just kidding when I brag about Rook, though it is fun to win! (And Cindy really isn't a lot older than me!)


Cindy said...

Just for the record, Cindy isn't ANY older than you. In fact, she is 2.5 years younger!!!! And you know it, young man :) You'd better get your facts straight.
It was really fun to spend time together again. Sorry you live so far away now, but you know you can come see us anytime! Thanks for being such a great friend.

Mark said...

My bad. I don't know why I can't get that straight! :-)