Monday, January 5, 2009

The Hiding Place

For 4 hours of my 7-hour trip to Indiana, I listened to the Hiding Place, dramatized CDs from Focus On the Family. The story of Corrie Ten Boom. I had read the book years ago in school, because I had to, so I couldn't remember much of the story.

I am sure the book is good, and gripping, but hearing it dramatized really opened up the story for me. I am all too guilty of seeing the glass as half empty instead of half full, and focusing on what is wrong in life, instead of what is right. Listening to what Corrie and her family went through, and all because they helped God's chosen people, was amazing. What was more amazing, was their attitudes. They remained thankful for everything, even the fleas, which it turned out to truly be a blessing in disguise. If you haven't read the book, or don't remember, they found out later that the reason the guards left them alone - never came in the barracks, never stopped their Bible meetings, never molested them, and it was because their barracks were infested with fleas.
By the time the last CD ended, I was a bit misty-eyed, and feeling rather guilty. I can't change overnight, but it did make me realize how much I do have to be thankful for, and I even came up with a bad thing to be thankful for. I will share it here to show how it is done. :-) I have some bad credit card debt - wish I had never got a credit card - and am really depressed about it, but it occurred to me that I am a very unlikely target for identity theft - there is no way someone would want the mess that is my finances! So I can be thankful for that. :-)
In my not so humble opinion, everyone needs to read The Hiding Place, or listen to the Cds. Mine are available to borrow, as long as they are returned in good condition. Just kidding. Well, maybe - I do take care of my stuff, and expect others to also! Anyway, anyone in my area is welcome to borrow them if they want. :-)
I'd like to close this blog with a "hello" to Mr. Carl Cessna out in the Indiana, PA area. "Hi. Mr Cessna!". He is a faithful member of Paul & Pam's church, and they think highly of he and his wife. I said that for free. :-) Anyway, you are proof that people can be older and be up on technology. :-)


Christa said...

So tell me, do you think it was OK for Corrie to lie when she hiding the Jews? We got into this big discussion in Sunday School once.
I enjoyed the book and would love to hear the dramatized version of it sometime.