Sunday, January 11, 2009

Death of A Mother And Children

For those of you connected with my church, or know the Vermillyeas from my church, who just lost their grand daughter and her children in a car accident, here is a link to a blog where someone has posted pictures of the family. Thought I'd pass it on:

Online Obituary:


Kim M. said...

I knew Brent in college. He was one of the nicest fellas out there. So very sad for him as I am sure he will have a lot to deal with (grief and otherwise). He will need a lot of prayer as well as the rest of the family.

Nancy said...

Thank you for posting this. We have been reading on various blogs,etc. about the accident, but don't know the family. Knowing she was a granddaughter of the Vermilyeas brings it closer to home.