Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The New Year, A Clean Slate

This is the last blog I shall write for 2008. This makes the 144th post for this year. That is a little better than a post every 3 days. My good friend Cindy, who I love to harass, has been doing one a month lately. Guess some guys do have the gift of gab more than some women.

This has been a rough year in some ways. I moved away from some very good friends, who I miss a lot, have had trouble getting a full time job, and am still staying with my parents as a result. Not the way I wanted to end the year, for sure.

Others have lost family members. Just in my circle of acquaintances and friends, Rev Satterfield, and Carrie Mishler. I am sure at the start of 2008 their families had no idea they would be starting out a new year without them.

Conservatism was dealt a hard blow with possibly the most liberal man to ever run for president winning that office. Only God knows what he will do in 2009 that could hurt religious and other freedoms.

Yet the new year, 2009, lies before us like an empty journal, with nothing at all written in it. Just think about it:
None of us has missed a church service yet in 2009
No one has displeased God yet in 2009
There has been no death in 2009 yet
I haven't ticked anyone off with my blog yet..........

365 days lie before us that we can do differently, do better, than we did in 2009. The nation in general may be worse off at the end of 2009 - hopefully not - but personally, each of us can make decisions to better ourselves, and the people around us.

I have never been much for new year's resolutions. They are so easily made, and so easily broken. They last about as long as the first month of the new year, and usually not even that long, but I do have some goals in the new year. Somehow find that full time job, and get my own apartment again. Lose weight. Grow a full head of hair. Improve my relationship with God, and others. OK, maybe the hair is a lost cause, but the others hopefully are not.

If I am still alive then, and Jesus doesn't return, I will turn 40 in 2009. Wow. Can we just stay here in 2008?! I was depressed when I turned 30, I can't imagine what 40 will be like. Fortunately, my friend Darrin Mishler will blaze the trail ahead of me, and beat me to 40 by 3 months. He can show me how it is done. :-)

May all who read this have a wonderful and blessed New Year. God bless!


teacherprincess said...

It has been a year of surprises both good and bad... But I have to say that I think your resolution about the hair is about as worth as my resloution about

Cindy said...

Good post, Mark! I appreciated your comments about 2009. Also, appreciate your friendship, and will be praying that 2009 is a better year for you. Let me know what it's like to be 40, okay? I'll be there in 3 years... :)