Sunday, January 25, 2009

On The Lighter Side

I was given a message today that my blog has been too depressing, and a certain gentleman is getting depressed reading my blog. We can't have that, so here, just for you, Mr C., is something more cheerful! :-) He is right, it has been depressing, but if I am depressed about Obama, everyone should be depressed! :-)

We just ended revival services last Sunday with James Plank. Man, what a great preacher! I missed the first two nights, due to weather conditions. The roads were pretty bad down our way, but really enjoyed his messages the rest of the week. I think I can honestly say I have never heard a preacher say the amount of things in the amount of time he did. He didn't waste any time getting his points across. This may sound terrible to admit, but anyone who reads my blog knows I am a bit outspoken. Maybe a lot outspoken. Anyway, I don't always enjoy the preachers we get for revival services, but I don't get a vote on who we get, but I highly approved of Bro. Plank.

I was sitting in Sunday School class this morning, and thought the couple in front of me, AWC students, were sitting a bit too close - shoulders overlapping. Vicki and Steve were here for Sunday dinner, and I brought it up - said I was surprised AWC wasn't more strict. Vicki informed me the couple got married over Christmas break, so they are allowed. It doesn't end there though: Vicki felt it necessary to tell the couple about it tonight at church, to my mortification. Guess I deserve it, as I have embarrassed my siblings on my blog.

One more thing on the lighter side: Paul & Pam had communion at their church tonight. When they walked in and Benjy (4) saw it, he said "Good, there's food and drink tonight - I won't be hungry!" After it was over, he remarked, "man, that was good!"

And a joke to close. I'd like to put the cartoon here, but can't find it now. A man in prison clothes is sitting in front of a woman, and a sign behind her identifies her as a resume' writer. She is saying "you are correct. "R. Sims, a man of many convictions" sounds better than "R. Sims, paroled prisoner"............


Christa said...

Wish I had knew you had James Plank at your church--would have tried to come--He is good.