Monday, January 12, 2009

A Double Standard

I read a story today that irritates me. Many of the comments on the story just annoyed me more: Therefore, I shall get my trusty soapbox out.........

A female teacher seduced a 13 year old boy, and carried on a 2 year affair with him. Many of the comments on the story go on about how lucky the boy was, that it would be a fantasy of any boy his age, that it is different when it is a boy seduced by a woman.

Should it be different? If a man has sex with an underage girl, or boy, he is toast. He goes to prison for a very long time. If a woman has sex with a boy, she usually gets a slap on the wrist, because of sexual dynamics, to put it less bluntly. You would think that in this day of women wanting to be like men - equal rights, and all that - shouldn't they get equal prison time for sexual molestation? Is it any less wrong?

What should be done to an adult male who coerces your 12 or 13 year old daughter to have sex with him? If it were your son being coerced by a woman, would you feel the same way? I think most parents would, other than the idiots out there, like this comment:

" I notice a lot of comments have been removed. I suspect people don't want to hear opinions from people like myself who consider this kid to be very lucky. He knew full well what he was doing and most young men or grown ones to crave this kind of relationship. We have bizarre prudish laws in this country regarding sexual consent that do not have their basis in biology but rather certain peoples religious beliefs. If you want to believe in the invisible man in the sky and live your life according to his teachings that's fine but don't impose your goofy belief system on me or my kids."

The guy above is obviously a lunatic, and someone who sounds like an atheist. People like he have no morals, for they have no God to give them morals.

I don't have any kids, so thus some people think I am not allowed opinions where kids are involved...........but, I do have nieces & nephews. My oldest nephew is only 7, but whether he was 7 or 13, if an adult woman had sex with him, first off, I'd probably be behind bars for assault, but I would want him behind bars forever. This idea that because boys can't really be raped by a woman, and are sex addicts just waiting to happen, is absurd, and is a double standard. Women deserve to get the highest penalty possible for having sexual relations with underage boys, as men do for the same with girls or boys.

I have never, nor would ever, have sexual relations with an under aged kid, but this double standard annoys the daylights out of me. Unless we crack down on women predators, we will continue to have more and more of this problem. Adults should not have sex with kids. Period. It doesn't matter the gender of the adult or kid, it is wrong, and should be punished to the highest degree.

As a country, we seem to be going downhill morally. There are, sadly, people who want to lower the age of sexual consent. We need to fight this trend with all that is in us, and punish sexual crimes with no double standard.