Monday, January 19, 2009

Good-Bye Mr. President

Today marks the last day of the presidency of President Bush. Even if he were being replaced by a good man, I would still feel sad, but I feel all the more saddened because of what he is being replaced with.

It is frustrating, even on this last day of his presidency, how he is being treated. CBS flashed his current approval ratings compared to Obama's approval ratings and made a big deal about it. But wait - how can you have approval ratings on presidential performance, when you aren't even president yet? But that is just part of the Obama mania we are seeing.

Bruce Springsteen had to take parting shots at President Bush........what does he know, he is just an empty-headed celebrity.

Even sadder, a bunch of idiots -yes - idiots - who are activists in DC are holding a "yes we can arrest Bush now" rally tomorrow along the immaculate inauguration parade route. They want Bush prosecuted for war crimes.

The wicked witch of the House, aka Nancy Pelosi, is open to Bush being prosecuted. Prosecuted for what? Keeping this country safe since 911, something no one thought would happen? We all thought there would be more attacks, and there have been attempts. There has been 31 known attempts, in fact, which were stopped because of policies and actions done by this horrible man, George W Bush.

I think a great discredit has been done to him. The media set out to demonize him and destroy him, just as they try to destroy anyone or anything good. All of the empty-headed, immoral celebrities jumped on board to try to convince the world of how horrible of a person he was.

Has he been the perfect president? No. He has done some things, and said some things that made me wonder what on earth he was thinking, but he has kept us, and our freedoms safe. There has been no legislation put forth nationwide that has damaged us as Christians, or harmed our freedoms.

Abortion is still legal, but he has appointed judges who will help our cause. He made embryonic stem cell research illegal, a big victory for the pro-life movement. He has not legalized same-sex marriage. He has been a man of faith, which may be the exact reason the media has hated him so much.

Tomorrow, another man will take the helm. A man who is worshiped by the media and celebrities, and it seems, most of the USA. This man doesn't care about the unborn - he wants all hospitals to be forced to perform abortions. He wants to raise taxes, cause our electricity costs to skyrocket. Spread the wealth. Legalize same-sex marriage, open the military to gays. Where will we be at the end of his term? Will we be allowed to say homosexuality is wrong? Or will we be fined or jailed for "hate speech?" Will our pastors face arrest if they refuse to marry a same-sex couple? It isn't a far stretch. If the so called "hate crimes" legislation is passed - and he will pass it, if same sex marriage is legalized, then the next step would be to fine us for saying it is wrong.

As I stated before, pray for Barrack Hussein Obama, if you feel you must- but if you pray for him, also pray that any schemes or agendas that he has that will hurt our country and freedoms will be thwarted at every turn. We are in dangerous times, and we have a dangerous administration taking over the country. Only God can stop him from doing irreversible harm.

I have read many people who say that history will tell the truth, and will be kind to Bush. Although he would never read my blog, I'd like to take the chance to do it now. Good-bye, Mr President. Thank-you for keeping us safe, for sacrificing yourself to public opinion to do what was right. Go with God.