Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stand For Jesus

Two non-depressing posts in a row - what is this world coming to! - actually not a blog post, but the lyrics to one of my favorite songs. Video posted if you like Southern Gospel

Stand For Jesus

Marching forward to the gallows with smiles upon their faces
Filled with might, led by love, singing victory's song
They've stood for truth without recant
Now instead of death they see
A crown of righteousness awaiting gloriously

Stand for Jesus, when tempted by the enemy
So there's never any question
And all the world can see
Stand for Jesus, and in your trying hour
You'll have testifying power
Stand for Jesus

You may never face the gallows, but you'll face the deceiver
He'll take you to a pinnacle, and offer you the world
For peace he'll give you pleasure, and for love - a lustful measure
He is overcome, the victory’s won, for Jesus you can Stand!

And you'll stand with the ones who stopped the mouths of lions
Turned to flight great armies
Which the flames didn't burn
Through weakness were made strong