Monday, January 26, 2009

Look Out, Ohio

This is depressing, but only if you live in Ohio. Or Oregon, or North Carolina........

The state of Ohio is losing too much tax money they used to get from gasoline. Why? Because people are buying more fuel-efficient vehicles, and trying to conserve gasoline usage. So, our wonderful people in government here are exploring a wonderful plan that is either being used in Oregon, or going to be, and is being explored in North Carolina: A tax on gasoline mileage. Yes, you would pay taxes on how many miles you drive your car, clocked by a GPS unit everyone would have to have, I suppose at your own cost. I had heard several weeks ago that Oregon was discussing the idea, and thought it was crazy then - now my own state is considering it. Arrrrrrrrrrgh!


Kim M. said...

Amish... :-) I'm considering it myself. ha!