Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The Loneliness Solution by Jack Eason, with a giveaway


Book description:

You are not alone.

Despite our connected world--and partly because of it--we are lonelier than ever. Social media tricks us into thinking that we are engaged in genuine friendships. Yet instead of intimacy, we get little more than what amounts to digital small talk. But there is a solution.

With plenty of good humor and practical advice, Jack Eason invites you to discover the benefits of doing life together with other brothers and sisters in Christ. Grounding his message in Scripture, Eason helps you

· learn the obstacles to real community

· reimagine what real friendship looks like

· discover a place of true belonging

· and more

If you're tired of feeling lonely, this encouraging and community-building book is just what you need.

My review:

  This book caught my eye for two reasons: The subject matter, and the fact that one of my favorite Christian suspense authors recommended it, Lynette Eason....who is his wife. :)

  I found the book to be very practical, with a lot of useful information and advice. It is an interactive book, with a few questions to answer at the end of each chapter along with a "putting it into practice" exercise.

 The book is split up into two sections: section one has six chapters on the problem of loneliness, and addresses the how's and why's of loneliness, even in this age of everyone being connected on social media. The second section is the is about the loneliness solution, with twice as many chapters, coming in at twelve chapters.

  Loneliness is a tough subject with no easy and quick fixes, and the author doesn't indicate otherwise. He does an excellent job of addressing both the problem and solution of loneliness, and I like the fact that he dedicated twice as many chapters to the solution as he does to the problem. Loneliness is something everyone deals with at some point and at some level in their lives, so this is an important and timely book, especially at this crazy time of a virus and quarantines.

 The book is an interesting and easy read, and is something I recommend for everyone to read. Even if one is not lonely, there is advice on how to find and help those who are lonely.

I was provided a copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions in this review are my own.

About the author:

Jack Eason has been the executive director of Crossover Cups Mission for 30 years. The nonprofit organization's focus is on transforming the lives of young people in the Dominican Republic and Malawi. Additionally, Cups equips pastors through an annual HONOR event, along with partners like Focus on the Family and In Touch Ministries. Eason also consults with a variety of nonprofit ministries, helping them develop successful approaches to fundraising and development. He and his wife, Lynette, have been married 23 years and have two children. They live in South Carolina.

 The Loneliness Solution is available from Revell Publishing. Thanks to FlyBy Promotions.

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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Dreams Deferred by June Foster

Book review:

Frances Matthew Hall is obedient to family tradition: all firstborn sons will serve as a priest. Now Matt officiates at St. Aloysius Catholic Church in San Antonio, Texas. But when on Easter Sunday, he notices a beautiful young woman who takes his breath away, he must fight against his attraction to her or leave the priesthood and alienate his entire family.

Mary Louise Graham is a middle school teacher and devout catholic. Yet no amount of service to the community can ease the heavy load of guilt she carries. God can never forgive her unspeakable mistake. But when Father Matt tells her about a forgiving God through His son Jesus Christ, she's free. Only thing, the Godly priest now means more to her than he should.

Can two people find their way to each other amidst insurmountable obstacles? Dreams Deferred is inspired by the author's great grandfather and great grandmother's story.

My review:

  I first ran across this author when her book Ryan's Father came out and I ended up reviewing it. I have read a few of hers since then and enjoyed each one. This one intrigued me, and I was happy to review it.

 I am Protestant, and have never understood priests not being allowed to marry, so the idea of a priest leaving the priesthood and marrying was very interesting to me....and especially the fact that it is based on a true story of the author's great grandparents.

 Foster set the book in today's time, and did a great job of portraying what it might be like for a young priest to struggle between keeping his vows to the church and pursuing marriage and a different calling God put on his heart that the church said no to.

 The characters were very likable and engaging, and I really enjoyed the book. Spread throughout the blooming romance is a lot of truths, which are common in Foster's books. I appreciate it when an author doesn't shy away from putting a lot of Christian content in their books, and this one isn't afraid to do that.

 The book had a great ending, which is important to me....and this sap got a little watery eyed at the ending. Great read that I recommend. 

I was provided a copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions in this review are my own.

About the author:

An award-winning author, June Foster is also a retired teacher with a BA in Education and  MA in Counseling. She is the mother of two and grandmother of ten. June began writing Christian romance in 2010. She penned her first novel on her Toshiba laptop as she and her husband traveled the US in their RV. Her adventures provided a rich source of information for her novels. June enjoys writing stories about characters who overcome the circumstances in their lives by the power of God and His Word. June uses her training in counseling and her Christian beliefs in creating characters who find the path to live godly lives.

Check out her website at