Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Prayer For Obama, Global Warming, and Stranded Cessnas

I am officially done with winter! We didn't get as much snow as they called for, but the roads are terrible. Since my church starts in one hour, and no one has called us, it doesn't look like they are calling off, though everyone else I know has called theirs off. I think if the rapture took place, someone would still want to have church. I personally think it is too much to ask people to go out on a night like this, but I don't get a vote. We are staying in anyway, and not braving the bad roads. Will most likely play a game or 2 of Golf - not the golf you play with clubs and a ball, but the kind you play with Phase 10 cards - if you never tried it, you should - it's fun!

Even though we don't think much of Obama, we are careful what we say in front of the kids, so Pam was surprised - and amused - the other night when Benjy (4) prayed "And don't let Obama do anything bad........" - wow, out of the mouths of babes - that is the kind of prayer we all need to be praying!

My uncle, who is older than my dad, I think in his early 70's, had a fall. Even though you may not know him, thought I would put the conversation between myself and my cousin's wife here for the amusement of any who wants to read it...................

Carol: "Did you hear about Dad B's fall?"
Mark: "no, did he get hurt?"

Carol: "He went to work, didn't have a key for the van, so climbed on top of a crane to get one. Slipped, fell, and knocked himself out. Okay...quit laughing. I can hear you laughing. You have that Buzard tickle bone. No one was around, when he came to, he was vomiting. Got home, and mom and Rhonda insisted he go to H. He's in there now. possible concussion"

Mark: "wow - ok, i did laugh"
Carol: "I know you did. I seriously can hear it in my memory"

Now the good news is, he only had a light concussion, and is home. To my further amusement, I called in to see how he is doing, and my aunt answered. During the course of the call, I mentioned that I had talked to Carol (her daughter-in-law) on line, and she had told me about it. My aunt asked, "Carol Enline - who is that?" :-)

It has been a long and lazy day here. My boss called off work, because so many people called off, there wasn't going to be enough to do the work, so we will be working Friday instead of today. I only wish I had known in time to shut the alarm off and go back to sleep, but no, she had to wait until I was about ready to walk out the door. :-)

Paul and Pam's church is in a district revival meeting this week - the meetings are at their church, and they are housing the evangelist, but had to call off tonight due to weather. The evangelist, eying the icy parking lot, told them if they had church, it would be "when the saints come sliding in.................." By the way, why do churches have revival services in January, the month we seem most likely to have bad weather?! Is there better rates then with evangelists?! :-)

My friends in Indiana finally got more snow than us, and I am happy for them. Steven has been griping about their lack of snow every time we get some, but Indiana outdid us this time! They have close to a foot of global warming. :-)

Here is hoping the Cessnas from Paul & Pam's church make it home safely. They are holed up in Columbus until the weather improves enough for them to go home. Their daughter Pam was staying with them, and they had just had enough of her, so regardless of the weather, they set out for Columbus yesterday to get rid of her. :-) Actually, she was due to go home soon, but they tried to beat the bad weather. Here is praying they make it home safely. And I bet you thought the stranded Cessnas were airplanes! Hmm, wonder if that is where the planes got their name? You never can tell people's age for sure........ :-)

We just had a nice winter supper of stuffed pepper soup and corn bread. The "stuffed" part is kind of misleading, as nothing is stuffed in the soup - the peppers are free floating, cut up in small pieces, but it is really good, even though it may sound strange.

Well, enough of my winter ramblings, off to beat Mom and Dad in golf - though they usually beat me!


Kim M. said...

That stuffed pepper soup does sound really good and I really need to write that down on my next menu list!
I can just hear Ryan now though, "That's ma-sgusting"... as he does with anything green floating in it.

We got more snow and ice... Michael measured 10 inches through all the layers yesterday.