Friday, October 31, 2008


Today was the John McCain rally in Hanoverton. We got there at about 6:50 am, with doors opening at 8. We got in line by the principal of our academy, and a few high school students with him, so we had people to talk to. Vicki and my nieces joined us shortly after we got there.

We got to meet Uncle Sam while waiting in line. I got a picture of him with a few kids from our academy.

The doors finally opened at 8. We had to go through metal detectors, and take off any political buttons and remove all electronical devices. They checked all cell phones, and wanted them turned on, not sure why, though it has been suggested that they might want to make sure they are really cell phones and not a harmful device.

The rally was in the United High School gymnasium. I figured on sitting, but Mom and my sister went marching onto the floor and up to the gate around the stage, so we were as close as we could have gotten. With McCain due to arrive at 10, we had a lot of time to wait. After we stood for awhile, they started handing out signs, flags, pom poms, and other things, so everyone started chanting and getting worked up.

A large group of people came in wearing t-shirts that said "Joe the farmer", and on the reverse side, "don't tax us for working hard". That amused me. I saw a sign saying "Matt The Paramedic", and one for a truck driver, don't remember the name. There were signs all over. I even saw a couple of people with Obama shirts.

The school band played a few songs, one of the students led in the pledge to the flag, and a choir of kids sang "The Star Spangled Banner".

In between, they played loud country music - way too loud. I did hear a cool song I liked, talked about farmers, and the chorus went like this " he just takes the tractor another round, And pulls the plow across the ground,And sends up another prayer. He says: "Lord, I never complain, I never ask: 'Why?'"Please don't let my dreams run dry,"Underneath, underneath this Amarillo Sky." I thought it was a neat song to play.

They put up a few local candidates to speak. Tim Ginter, running for Senate, prayed - he was or is a pastor, Adam Booth, running for county recorder, Jim Hoppel, running for Commissioner.

The closer it got to 10:00, the more worked up the crowd got. Also, the more TV crews and photographers were wandering around. They seemed to like my nieces and focused their cameras on them a lot.

McCain finally did arrive around 10, joined by his wife & daughter, Rudy Giuliani, and Lindsey Graham, senator from North Carolina. They all spoke, except for McCain's daughter. Most of it I have heard before, but it was still an awesome experience. I took a lot of pictures, but most of them are really blurry for some reason - my camera usually takes decent pictures.

After McCain spoke, they went around shaking hands, and I did get to shake his and Cindy's hand, which was exciting. I wish Sarah Palin had been there, but it was still an exciting experience, and I am glad I got to go.

Update: mewspapers today (Saturday), put the crowd at up to 5000 people.