Tuesday, October 14, 2008

By The Company We Keep

There is a saying that you can tell the type of person someone is, by the company he keeps. I believe that is true. Looking over my life, the people who have hung around me the most, are the ones I have the most in common with. Politically, theologically, etc.

Daily, it seems there are more reasons that come up that Obama would be bad for this country. It seems the media and Democrats are trying to railroad him through with no regard to who he is and what he stands for. Besides the issues, such as his stance on guns, abortion, taxes, and the like, I am also worried about the friends he keeps. These people keep popping up, and he keeps distancing himself from them in hopes of gaining the presidency. It seems they all have one thing in common: They hate America.

Jeremiah Wright. Obama's pastor for 20 years. This has been swept under the rug, and Obama claims he didn't know his pastor felt the way he does. Is that possible? I have known my current pastor since we were in college together, pretty close to 20 years now. I have a very good idea where he stands on many issues, even political, by how he has lived his life, and the content of his messages - not that there is politics in them, but I know he loves America. There is no way Obama sat under a man who he looked on as his spiritual mentor for 20 years, and was blind to how he felt about our country. No way.

William Ayers. This man was anti-war and anti-America. He tried to blow up the Capitol building and the Pentagon, and wishes he had done more. Obama claims he was only 8 when Ayers did all those things. That is true, and I was even younger, not much more than a baby, but I would avoid the man at all costs as an adult. Obama served on boards with him. He was chairman of a board that gave money to Ayers for a couple of schoolings Ayers was trying out. Slight change of subject, what kind of college would hire this man, and what kind of garbage is he teaching his students?!

There are others who have been in the news, and they all seem to have a deep hatred for America, and as soon as the worst is known about them and their views, Obama immediately distances himself from him in all ways possible. But what if he feels the same way, down deep? What if America puts a man in office, who by his own admission felt oppressed by the whites, and who very well may harbor a hatred of this great country we love? To my knowledge, the man has refused to pledge allegiance to our flag on at least one occasion.

If my best friends and pastor hated America, some of them had tried to blow up some of our landmark buildings, and were constantly spewing hatred about our nation, wouldn't it be logical to believe that I feel the same way, since I hung around them all the time? I think that would be a logical conclusion. And likewise, I don't think it is a stretch of imagination to wonder if down under his charismatic messiah image, if Obama does not harbor a deep hatred of America, and has its worst interests at heart, and not its best, as any commander in chief should.