Friday, October 17, 2008

Jennifer Brunner Wins

Approximately 1/3 of new voter registrations in Ohio have discrepancies. 200,000 of 666,000. Jennifer Brunner, Ohio Secretary of State, was ordered to implement measures to have the ones in question check out. She refused, so the GOP sued and a higher court ordered her to do so, but alas, the Supreme Court has sided with her and she does not have to implement voter fraud prevention methods.

I am really frustrated. As I said in my last post, Republicans have done their share of things too, but here we have a Democratic Secretary of State refusing to check into 200,000 voter registrations that have discrepancies, and the courts siding with her. If the governor ordered it, I guess it would be checked into, but he too, is a Democrat, so the chances are as slim as Frosty the Snowman surviving at the equator.

It may not do one ounce of good, but I put polite calls through to both Jennifer Brunner's office and the governor's office to protest the handling of this issue, and also emailed them. Should anyone else feel the inclination to do so, here are the phone numbers. I figured I may as well let my voice be heard, so should anyone else decide to do so, I figured I'd make it easy for you:

Jennifer Brunner: (614) 255-4255, email:

Governor Strickland: (614) 466-3555, email: