Friday, October 3, 2008

Church Fund Raiser & Picture Day

I had a brilliant thought hit me for a fund raiser for my church. We can sell the pews off to a church that needs pews! We evidently don't need them, as we seem to spend half the service standing.............. :-)

I stated once that there were things I like better about my Indiana and Ohio churches. One thing about Faith Mission, is we never stood to sing. Never. Mrs. Sankey was the song leader, and she was great. She let us sit. :-) Sunday am worship starts out with us standing for prayer, and then the pastor says those dreaded words "Please remain standing for the first song". That stretches into the second song...........see my point? Might as well sell them off and make better use of the money. :-)

I am just kidding. Well, not about standing too much, but about selling the pews, though lazy boy chairs would be nice......

We got the boys yesterday to watch while Paul and Pam went off to Amish country here in Ohio. They have been pretty good, other than Nathan (22 months) climbing everything but the walls. :-)

Today was Josiah's 7th birthday. He says the funniest things. Last night, I gave him a hug, and said "I can't believe you will be 7 tomorrow!" His reply - "and I can't believe you are talking right in my ear!" I took him over to the school today to play with his cousins during lunch, and had a nice time chatting with the principal, secretary, and a couple of teachers. Hope I didn't keep them from eating their lunches. :-)

This evening has been chaos central here. Paul & Pam got back around 4, then Vicki and the girls arrived not too long after. We dressed them alike - well, boys and girls, and took them over to the neighbor's covered bridge to take pictures. We had 3 cameras going. Benjy was the worst - he kept smiling weird, but we did get some good pictures. Vicki also got muddy up to one knee - she tried to jump the creek and didn't quite make it past the muddy edge. :-)

One of the better pictures taken - one of many, many that were snapped.........

Wish this one on the right had been taken from the front, but I still thought it was worth keeping. Katie & Josiah are the best of buddies.

Supper was awesome (and noisy)- stuffed chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, beans, stuffing, baked squash, & rolls. And of course, birthday cake. Paul, Pam, and Stephanie headed off to the AWC Homecoming, and Vicki went home, leaving the other 5 very would up kids here. Thus, chaos central. They were all pretty good, just loud. Speaking of loud, I was trying to get Joey's cap gun to work that I bought, and when it finally went off, I jumped a foot. :-)

If anyone from my church reads this, you can pass on my idea about selling the pews............


Kim M. said...

Cute kiddos! Happy birthday Josiah :-)

Cindy said...

Too funny about the church pews. Guess I don't get afflicted with standing during singing too often as I usually play the piano. But if I end up on the bench all service, believe me, that's no fun either. Can you say "Back pain?"

Sounds like you're having a blast with the family. And adorable pics, btw!