Monday, October 6, 2008

More pictures

At least once a year, I get hit hard with a bad cold - the kind that makes you want to go to bed for a week. My throat started getting scratchy Friday night, and by Saturday night it had hit hard. I went to church in the morning, but stayed home during the evening service. My appetite is waning, which is the only good thing about it.

Bow season has opened in Ohio - it is beyond me why hunters wear a ton of orange to avoid being shot during gun season, but try to blend in the surroundings in bow season - why don't they just wear all white when hunting in snow?! Dad went out this afternoon for the second time this season, and got a doe. We don't get overly excited about antlers - you can't eat them!

I thought I'd put up some more pictures of the kids that we took the other night. Poor Josiah had an incident last week involving his face and the pavement, so in some of the pictures we took, the mark on his face is noticeable.

This was my favorite pose of Stephanie. Hard to believe she will be a teenager later this month.

Allison, age 10. (I think!)

Caitlin, age 8, and the one who should have been a boy - she will pick up anything!

Josiah, 7, and best buddies with Caitlin

Benjamin, 4. Not sure why there is no picture of him by the bridge, but he was the hardest one to get to smile normal.

And lastly, Nathan, who will be 2 in December.


Kim M. said...

Awe, they are so precious! Great pictures. Hope you are feeling better !

Kim M. said...

PS. I am looking forward to some deer meat too! Michael has "the fever". :-D