Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rallies, Effigies, & Pianos

A man in West Hollywood is making national news. For Halloween, he has hung a likeness of Sarah Palin at his house with the noose around her neck. McCain is shown in his chimney surrounded by fire. Several people complained to police about it being a hate crime, but the police said it was just bad taste. Several neighbors weighed in with their disgust, though one woman thought it was funny. The reporter asked her how she would feel if it were an effigy of Obama, and she admitted it would make her angry.

In other news, an effigy of Obama was hung froma tree in Kentucky, and police took it down immediately. Hmm. Do I detect a double standard here? I really think it is in bad taste to hang one up of either Obama or Sarah Palin, as much distaste as I have for him, but it really infuriates me that his is taken down, and hers' is left up. I wonder what would happen if someone in the same neighborhood hung one up of Obama. Would the same police who said it was only bad taste, say the same, and leave it up? I think they would change their tune, or it would get changed for them.

Speaking of Obama, he said something I agree with! I read a clip from his 30-minute infomercial - he said he would not be a perfect president. Wow. Ya think?!

A Hillary supporter in Iowa has been doing her research and found out that the Obama campaign flushed several Hillary votes and threw away packets full of them back during the caucus. In addition, her supporters were bullied, and people from other states were bussed in to vote for Obama. Other such tactics happened in other states. Pathetic that the Democrats cheat even on each other. It is looking like she may have won the nomination had everything been done on the up and up. Story here:

McCain is going to be in Hanoverton, OH on Friday morning, about 8 miles away or so. Mom, Dad, and I are going, and I think Vicki and my nieces. I am disappointed that Sarah Palin won't be there, but it will still be exciting. :-) Hopefully I will be seeing the next president of the USA. A bit of trivia here, according to the newspaper, the last time a presidential candidate visited here in Columbiana County, was John F Kennedy in the 60's. Lyndon Johnson came here as president, and we have had some vice presidents visit and vice presidential nominees, but no presidential candidate since Kennedy. I for one, found that of interest. :-)

I have finally sold my piano. I have mixed feelings about it. I can use the money, and I rarely play it - it just gets in the way and gets dusty - but yet a part of me is sad to see it go. I don't think I will regret it though, and it will give me much-needed Christmas money. :-)

I am not feeling discouraged about this election. I have heard too many stories about Republicans being hung up on by pollsters and read too many statistics of polls from other elections to put much stock in the polls. We can still win this election, and I hope and pray that we do.