Thursday, October 23, 2008

Letter From 2012 & Christmas Gift Idea For Lori

There are a few interesting articles that I wanted to link to. First off, "Letter from 2012", posted by Focus On the Family. A scary look at what life might be like if Obama wins. Note: they are not saying everything in the letter will happen, but could. An interesting, and scary - read.

Next up: A Democratic journalist gives his take on honesty, or lack of, in the media. Very good article:

And on the ludicrous side, Obama is claiming there is a "righteous wind" at his back:

And also on the ludicrous, according to this moron reporter, socialist is code for "black":

On another note. my friend Lori seems awfully accident-prone lately. A few weeks ago, she wrecked her car and turned it into a "ghetto runner", and last week, she was playing volleyball and sustained a concussion from an elbow to the head. Her mother reads my blog sometimes, so I thought I would pass on a Christmas gift idea to her. Get the girl a helmet of some kind - it is obvious she needs one!! :-)

My oldest niece has Lori as a teacher. Maybe I should warn her not to ride with Lori or stand close to her in Volleyball............ :-)


Kim M. said...

Bless poor Lori's heart!!!!

teacherprincess said...

I'll get you back... ;-) lol, The concussion wasn't my fault... It was a ballhog's fault ;-) Just kidding Brian. Mom said thanks for the suggestion... I have been accident prone for years and nothing seems to help...