Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One Issue Voting

I was reading an interesting blog that Focus On The Family linked to, by author Randy Alcorn. He presented a good case on why anyone that is pro-life should vote for McCain. It got my wheels turning. I have heard and read of more than one person that is pro-life, yet voting for Obama. They say there are more issues you should vote on besides pro-life.

I personally feel the killing of the unborn is THE most important issue of the day. It is murder, no matter what they want to call it, and is there any crime worse than crimes against children?

This month's Reader's Digest had an article where they featured several people and how they were voting and why. One young man was a Pentecostal Christian, who claimed to be pro-life, but was voting for McCain, citing reasons such as the war, and a few others. Even if there weren't the issues of Obama and his affiliations, and the scary things he has said, is the war or economy reason to vote for the most pro-abortion candidate to ever run for office? I think not. Yes, war is bad, but God has used war. He has commanded His people in the Bible many times to fight against another nation. Never has He ordained the killing of innocent babies because their mothers are selfish and don't want to deal with the results of their own actions.

I'm just not sure the majority of Christians are pro-life enough. I have a dear friend that I first worked with at Dutch House about 13 years ago. I have kept up with her pretty well since, and she sends me Christmas cards & birthday cards, and I send her. She is a Christian, but voted for Gore because her union supporting son told her she should. She once told me she thinks abortion shouldn't be illegal, for she would rather someone get an abortion in a clinic "than in a back alley with a coat hanger, and suffering complications and/or death. This is a Christian woman who is supposedly pro-life.

I have thought about her statement occasionally, and I disagree. This may sound un-Christian and cold-hearted, but a woman who is trying to kill her baby would deserve complications and/or death. Let me draw a comparison: if a man walked into a school with a gun, intent on killing even one child, or more, and in the process, himself suffered injury or death, we would look on and feel justice was served. He got what he deserved. So does it not make sense to feel if a woman suffers complications from killing an innocent life, she in a sense, got what she deserved?

I fear sometimes, even we who are pro-life, conservative, and Christian, have bought into the idea, just a little, that a baby inside the womb is different somehow, and not as important as one outside the womb. There are those who say they are pro-life, except in cases of rape or incest. I hope no one I know ever has to deal with that, but it is still a baby. Does it make it ok to terminate a life, just because of how it came to be?

I know some may say the same thing that I got over schooling - I am not married, I have no kids, so what do I know, but as Randy Alcorn pointed out in his article, Jesus spent a lot of time with children and warned about hurting one. I cannot imagine how abortion makes Him feel. Rev David Blowers once preached a message on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday about this issue, and he made an interesting statement. He related the story of Cain & Abel, and how God told Cain that his brother's blood was crying to Him from the ground. Rev Blowers then said, if Abel's blood cried to God from the ground, can you imagine what all the blood of the babies this nation has killed is doing?

Should we be one issue voters? I think it depends on the issue. And abortion is one such issue. It is more important than the economy, taxes, yes even national security. Randy Alcorn gave a good illustration. He compared a pro-life candidate voting for a pro-abortion candidate to someone who says they are pro-Jew, voting for Hitler, because he seems cooler, and has some good ideas.

McCain isn't 100% pro-life. He could be stronger, but of the two, he is definitely the one who is pro-life. Obama doesn't even lean that way. Doesn't even look that way.

If people used common sense. Those who are married and don't want kids - use birth control, get an operation - whatever - and those who aren't married, use the best birth control - abstinence, and if they are too stupid to wait for marriage, then use some form of birth control.

This whole abortion thing started because people wanted their actions to not have consequences, and all too often that "consequence" was a baby.

I have never been overly excited about McCain as president, but felt he is definitely the lesser of two evils, a belief that has grown stronger day by day. His pick of Sarah Palin got me excited about the ticket, but it is his pro-life stance that is the main reason I am voting for him, and shame on people who call themselves pro-life and/or Christian, and are voting for Obama because they feel other issues are more important than saving the unborn.

In closing, there are pro-life people who claim that Bush didn't do anything for the pro-life movement, and what can McCain do. But as Mr Alcorn also pointed out, Bush appointed pro-life judges to the Supreme Court, as McCain will most likely do. We all know what kind of judges Obama would appoint. If Obama is elected, one of his first actions - and he has said so - is to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which would undo any progress that has been made by the pro-life movement. Let's not vote by our pocketbook, but by our morals, and God's Word.