Monday, October 20, 2008

International Crisis & Drug Habits

If this was a ball game instead of an election, we would say that Joe Biden was our best player. He has said some pretty scary stuff this past week-end, that would scare me over to the McCain camp if I were an undecided voter.

According to Biden, he guarantees that if Obama gets in, within the first 6 months of his being president, we will face an international crisis, for the other countries will want to test him. He went on to say that the way Obama handles it will seem wrong to even his supporters, and his poll numbers will be in the extreme lows, but in the end he will be right in what he does. I am not making this up - Biden said this - not some McCain supporter. It hasn't seemed to make the news, but I heard clips from the speech on Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Link here:

The media seems to be ignoring this, but if McCain or even Bush had said the same thing about our side, the media would be demanding details. Wanting to know what information they are basing their ideas on. It would be front page news, but since this is Obama's camp, it gets ignored.

Another blatant case of media bias. The New York Times has done an article on Cindy McCain, making a big issue of her past addiction to pain killers. On the flip side, Obama, who is actually running for president, had a cocaine habit in the past, and they won't touch that. Why not?!

In other news, there is talk that Israel is thinking that if they are going to hit Iran, they had better do it while Bush is still in office, while they would have the support of the USA, whereas if Obama gets in, they might not have that support.

Colin Powell has formerly endorsed Obama, claiming it is not because he is black. Hmm, indeed? Powell has had quite the career, all at the hands of Republicans, and never endorsed a liberal/Democrat, and now he turns his back on his Republican and conservative background and endorses the most liberal Democrat ever who just happens to be the same skin color? Why is it when we whites don't vote for Obama, we are racists, but when the blacks vote for him it isn't?

My mom and sister had a run-in today with an Obama supporter. They were shopping at a store in Youngstown, and had their McCain/Palin pins on. The manager of the store walked past Vicki and did a thumbs-down, so she did a thumbs-up, and then he lit into her telling her what he thought of McCain and people who vote for him. Mom finally pointed out to the guy that he could get in trouble for harrassing customers and he changed his tune and started pointing out a few of Obama's faults.

Even more important than the presidential issue, is the issue of the Supreme Court. They figure a couple of seats will open up on there in the next presidential term, and I have heard little rumblings that in an Obama administration, Hillary Clinton could be a possibility. Yikes!

Added to the scary stuff going on, the president of France - if they have a president, or whatever his title is - has approached Bush about the economic crisis and is talking the need for a global currency.

I don't know if this is all part of the end times, and if Obama becoming president is all part of God's plan, but he is doubtless the worst thing that could happen to America providentially. We shouldn't take the attitude, oh well, the end is coming, this must be it. We should still fight. Vote. Not take this lying down! If someone was trying to shoot me, it could possibly be in God's plan - His time to take me from this earth, but I'd sure fight for my life anyway!

On the bright side, and there always is one: a caller pointed out that about this time last election, the polls had Bush 11 points behind, and he won. McCain is a lot closer than that in the polls with Obama. The polls cannot be trusted, and it isn't over yet. All we can do is pray, and go vote!