Saturday, October 18, 2008

Clearing Something Up

There has been an issue mentioned by McCain a few times that I didn't get. That Obama wants to do away with secret ballots for labor voting. I mentioned it to my dad, and he cleared it up, so just in case anyone else out there didn't understand the issue, or didn't know about it, here is the 411. :-)

Right now, if there is a vote at a place of employment on becoming part of a labor union, the workers vote by secret ballot. Obama wants to do away with the secret ballot, and have open voting, where people have to raise their hands, letting everyone present know who is for and against the union coming in. Big deal? Yes.

If this happens, it will make it easier for unions to take over companies. Many people will be afraid to vote no, and the ones who do will be an open target for the union reps and the people who want it, to pressure them to give in.

No wonder the union workers of America are so for Obama. My dad worked in the coal mines in PA for several years until he got hurt. He is on disability - can do some things - so he still gets stuff from the United Mine Workers of America, and man, are they pushing for Obama to get in, more than any president they ever endorsed. They have mailed more stuff in favor of him, and even sent out a pro-Obama CD out - not that we listened to it.

I personally think unions are bad for the most part. Places of employment should be able to pay what they want, and if people don't like it, they can move on, not go on strike and hold up the company's production, or in the case of teachers, hold up the education of kids.

All that aside, it was interesting to me to have this issue explained to me. It makes sense to me now why the union is so pro-Obama. He will help their cause like no other president ever has, if he gets in.

In response to my blog about Obama being the anti-Christ, a friend of mine sent me an interesting link. I am not sure what the guy's motivation is for setting this blog up, if he is against Obama, or if he is for him and this is making fun of people who point out the messiah-like following - regardless, this is an interesting blog to check out. It has quotes by various people, and other information that is rather scary what people think of him. I still don't believe he is the anti-Christ, but just check it out:


Kim M. said...

Interesting post. I can understand what you mean about the labor unions since Michael worked at Visteon. We got that junk in the mail all the time ourselves!