Thursday, October 16, 2008

Democrat Means Dirty

I am fed up with Democrats. Republicans aren't perfect, I know that, and politics is a dirty business, but the stuff coming up this election is ridiculous.

I think Sara Palin is awesome. She has breathed new life into the Republican party, and the Democrats know that, so they have been after her more than any VP ever nominated. First, they attacked the baby issue and tried to say it was her daughter's, which proved completely untrue. Then they sent 30-some people to Alaska to dig up anything they could - too bad they don't do that with Obama, but they would never touch him.

Next up: the Saturday Night Live skit suggesting incest on the part of Todd Palin and his daughters. By the way, these late night "comedian types" are making fun of Republicans to Democrats 7 to 1. There have been incidents of anti-Palin t-shirts that are so vulgar I still don't know what they say - Fox news said it wasn't fit to show.

The newest thing is coming up in LA - they are having a pageant and want any women who resemble Sara Palin to come and be in it and strip. What on earth are they trying to prove?!

It is ok to put up Obama signs, but all over there are stories and incidents of what people face for putting up McCain signs. One man kept finding bags of dog feces in his pick-up truck. Turned out to be his Obama-loving neighbor who didn't like his McCain signs.

McCain signs are stolen more than Obama signs. Also the latest thing, they have gone after poor Joe the plumber and dug up that he doesn't have a plumber license and other things like tax stuff - what was their motivation for tearing into the poor guy? Guess he dared to criticize Obama's health and tax plans.

This Acorn deal seems to be a Democrat deal. Fact for sure, the Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner, Democrat, hid 200,000 new voter registrations that had discrepancies and fought having them investigated, which a higher court intervened in, thankfully.

There are a lot of questions about Obama that need answered. There needs to be more investigations into him than into Sara Palin. She is just running for VP. He is running for the highest office in the land, but we are accused of being hateful when we try to bring up anything about him that is true, yet stuff like incest skits is fine as long as it is a Republican.

I am sure all Democrats aren't hateful and willing to commit any criminal act to make sure their candidate gets in, but the things I have listed and many more instances out there make you wonder just what being a Democrat are about. I really am afraid what our country is in for if Obama gets in. We will have a Democratic president and Congress, and nothing will be able to stop them. Our very right to free speech could be in danger - it seems they can say what they want, but they want us silenced.

I could receive some hate comments for this, but so far, the only hate I have gotten is when I dared criticize home schooling. Thus far, any post I have done on Obama has gotten none. Strange. Not that I want hateful comments, but it seems when you take the opposite viewpoint of people, they cannot handle it sometimes.
McCain/Palin 2008


Nancy said...

Not sure if you only want "hate" comments, or if you will take any. I agree with you. It terrifies me when I think of what could happen if Obama gets in. I pray God doesn't give this country what she deserves and has mercy on us!