Saturday, December 19, 2009

My favorite Christmas CDs

I love Christmas music - really love it, and have a lot of Christmas CDs, but here are the Christmas CDs that I think rank among the best ever - in my opinion, of course.

1) A Family Christmas by The Talleys - original Talleys from 1988. It has a few awesome medleys, including the best version of White Christmas ever. Though out of print, I was fortunate to get the CD on ebay a few years ago to replace my worn out cassette.

2) Every Light That Shines At Christmas by Ernie Haase & Signature Sound - a new CD this year. It has a whopping 16 songs, some new, some old, and is a great CD.

3) What A Wonderful Christmas by Anne Murray - the only CD I have of Anne Murray is this double disc Christmas CD, and she does a terrific job on the songs. One of my favorite secular Christmas songs is her Christmas Wishes.

4) The Magic of Christmas by Garth Brooks - also has a few more songs than the average CD, and one I have enjoyed for several Christmases now. An interesting note - I am no fan of the word "Gee", and do consider it slang for Jesus - but interestingly enough, Garth Brooks is the only singer I ever heard say "Oh the traffic is terrific" as opposed to the "Gee..." that even Christian singers have used in the song. (This from the guy who swears in his country songs)

5) Once Upon a Christmas by Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - These two sound great together, and put together this awesome CD that I love to listen to.

6) It Feels Like Christmas Again by Jeff & Sheri Easter - one of my favorite Southern Gospel groups, they put this CD out a few years ago, and did a great job on it. A mix of new and old songs.

7) A David Phelps Christmas: One Wintry Night by David Phelps - though part of the Southern Gospel group, The Gaither Vocal Band, this CD leans heavily towards CCM, and is a terrific CD, even better than his first Christmas CD.

8) Christmas Gaither Vocal Band Style by The Gaither Vocal Band - their second Christmas CD, from 2008 - a great quartet Christmas CD.

Below, The Home for Christmas Medley by the Talleys, 1988


Molly said...

I have to agree with you on ALL these CD's! All of them are AWESOME!!!!!