Sunday, December 13, 2009

The 9th thing I love about Christmas

The 9th thing I love about Christmas.........

Getting Christmas cards. I enjoy it, especially if the person wrote a little note inside. Can't expect it from everyone, but I like it.

A funny story about notes in Christmas cards..........

A few years back, I'd say around six or seven, I spoke at my church for a youth service on Keeping Christ in Christmas. Afterwards, I got a few little notes in Christmas cards from people telling me how much they enjoyed that service. I don't think I got a big head about it, but it was nice to hear. Then I opened a Christmas card that had a little note written in it. I smiled and started to read, expecting another compliment. It wasn't. The lady thought I was making fun of the Salvation Army in my service and decided to take me to task over it. I came down to earth fast.

And for the record, I did NOT make fun of the Salvation Army - which I pointed out to her and suggested she listen to the tape they made of the service. :-)