Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just One Star, re-post

I posted this from memory last year before Christmas, and after Christmas ran across a book that had it in the after Christmas clearance sale at a Christian bookstore. So here, in better wording than my memory, is "Just One Star."

Back in the throne room of Heaven, plans were being made to announce the birth of God's Son on earth. Michael, the archangel, had just finished describing his great heavenly display of comets and falling stars, for a year preceding, and following the birth.

Gabriel went on with his musical plans - a great angelic choir with tens of thousands of voices, tuned with Heaven's finest and latest harmonies, ready to serenade the earth. There would be ten thousand sopranos, ten thousand altos, ten thousand tenors, ten thousand basses.

But God interrupted their conversation. "No," He said, "that's not really what I had in mind."

"What, you want more?" Asked Gabriel?"

"No", God smiled. I planned a small family gathering in Bethlehem, actually. We don't need all those trimmings."

"But.... all my stars...." said Michael. "What will I do with them?"

"And my angels," Gabriel added.

Just then, Jesus stepped through the pearly gates, out into the red carpet of time, and started down the spiral stairway of stars.

Michael pleaded, "Father, let us do something, please! He simply can't go unannounced!"

"Well, alright, " God said. "Gabriel, a few angels.... and Michael, just one star."