Friday, December 11, 2009

The Fourth Pain of Christmas

Ok, this should actually be #1, but I was being goofy and didn't plan on carrying my goofiness on to do 12 pains, but this is probably my biggest gripe with Christmas. So.......

the fourth thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me.......

Stores & people who try to take Christ out of Christmas. I pay attention to stores who will not allow their employees to say "Merry Christmas." They get none of my Christmas shopping. It is ironic that the same holiday that gives them so much business is the same one that they won't acknowledge by what it has been called for years - Christmas.

It is my personal opinion that any store who cannot call it "Christmas" should also not have special sales at Christmas to draw more people in. They should not benefit from the holiday at all.

And along with it, I hate to see Merry Xmas. I know, I've heard that the "X" stands for Jesus, but get real...... do you think that is why people use the X? Nope. They either use it out of laziness or to avoid putting "Christ" in it. So chuck the X.

Next up, the 5th pain of Christmas!