Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blind Sight........ A Second Chance for a Novel, and a Giveaway

No one plans for bad things to happen. No one plans on losing their family. No one knows how to move on after horror strikes. No one. Not even Thomas Kent. After receiving a strange phone call from a long-ago friend requesting Kent to pick up a package at the airport, Kent begins a spine tingling, suspense filled journey in which he hopes to reunite the package (his friend’s children) with their mother, Justine, a traitor in the Fellowship for World Renewal Cult. Twists and turns in this page turning drama make Blind Sight not only a journey of extreme action and thrills, but one of discovering the sovereign plan of God.

This book was published in 2003, and I read it not too long after that. When I got the email about the blog tour, and read the interesting circumstances involving this book, I couldn't pass up the chance to read it again and review it.

It's not often a book gets a second chance, but this one has gotten exactly that. And this book also proves that yes, God can indeed use something as simple as a Christian fiction book.

In March of 2008, Terry Caffey lost his wife and 2 sons. They were killed by his own daughter and her friends so she could date the boy her parents were against her dating. Terry was also shot, but survived before the house was set on fire.

Returning to the ruins of his house later, he found a partial page from a book. A Christian fiction novel - Blind Sight.
The page described the turmoil of the main character at his losing his family, with he alone left behind. The finding of this scorched page led to a meeting between Terry Caffey and the author of that book, James Pence. The two went on to write about the Caffey tragedy in a book titled Terror By Night, a book I will be reviewing at a later date.

Back to the book: Though I had previously read Blind Sight, I had forgotten most of the story, so I was pulled into the fast-paced action - and there is a lot of it. I found myself cheering on the good guys, and hoping for the defeat of the bad guys.

This is an excellent novel, and deserves a second chance. If you enjoy suspense novels, you will definitely want to read Blind Sight.

About the author:

James H. Pence is a full-time professional writer and editor living near Dallas, Texas. J
ames is a multi-talented writer who has been published in both fiction and nonfiction. His publishers include Tyndale House, Kregel, and Osborne/McGraw-Hill. James holds a master’s degree in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in creative writing and journalism from Dallas Theological Seminary. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in theology from Dallas Bible College. James is also a vocalist and gospel chalk artist, and he regularly uses his talents to share the gospel in
prisons. James is the author of Blind Sight, a gripping novel about mind-control cults and coauthor (along with Terry Caffey) of the new book: Terror by Night: The True Story of the Brutal Texas Murder that Destroyed a Family, Restored One Man’s Faith, and Shocked a Nation.

This book was provided for me to review by Kathy Carlton Willis Communications, and is available from Tyndale Publishing.
Check back later for my review of Terror By Night, the true story of a man who lost his wife, 2 sons, and his house - all at the hands of his teenage daughter.
In the meantime, if you'd like to read the orginal news story, you can find one version here: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/dn/latestnews/stories/030908dnmetcaffeykillings.3a53d16.html

Special Gift Basket Opportunity!

Each blog tour host has the opportunity to send in the name of one of their commenters for a chance to win a gift basket from the author.

This special one of a kind basket includes:

Angel- James Pence
Bind Sight- James Pence
Terror By Night- James Pence
Quality 8.5 X 11 in printing of the scorched page
DVD of Chalk Art Illustrations from James Pence

I will pick a person to enter who comments on this blog post by the 18th of December, by Random.org


Annette W. said...

Thank you for introducing me to James Pence and for a fabulous giveaway. I'm hoping to win (and share the books with my dad). Isn't it an amazing story that Terry Caffey and that page in the book came together. Only God can orchestrate that.

Real evangelical writing. Wonderful!

Thank you!!

Steve-n-Deb said...

Hi Mark.