Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Double Cross by David James Jordan

Someone is after former Secret Service agent Taylor Pasbury. Again. The top assistant of prominent televangelist Simon Mason has turned up dead. All signs point to embezzlement and suicide, but something doesn’t add up. When Taylor investigates, shots begin to fly.

As if dodging bullets isn’t tough enough, another surprise awaits Taylor, and it’s on her front doorstep. Her mother, who abandoned Taylor when she was a child, has reappeared. Soon Taylor, with her mother in tow, is careening down a twisting trail of danger and deceit, where nothing can be taken at face value. It’s a path that leads to troubling truths about her family’s past. A path that could lead to revelation and restoration. Or disaster.

I have never read a book by David James Jordan. This is actually the sequel to Forsaken, his second novel. My sister won it in a box of books on September 1, but the woman who did the giveaway has yet to mail the books to her, so I gave up and read Double Cross. I would suggest reading the books in order - although this was a separate story, it referenced things from the other book fairly often.

I enjoyed the book. Suspense is my favorite genre', and though a few times I could see what was going to happen, I still found the book suspenseful and full of mystery. Jordan has interesting and colorful characters. When I finished the book, I found myself wishing that a certain lady would hurry up and mail my sister's books so I can read #1.

My review copy was provided to me by Audra at B&B media, and is available from Broadman & Holman publishers, as is the book that precedes it, Forsaken. If you enjoy clean suspense, check out David James Jordan's books.


Giveaway Lady said...

Thanks:) Now I have to go add this one to my wish-list!!