Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The first pain of Christmas.........

A few years back, a funny song was recorded "The 12 Pains of Christmas." Cracks me up every time I hear it. I love Christmas, but face it, there are things that are a "pain" at Christmas. If I were writing the song, it would go like this.......... "The first thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me: Christmas news letters.

A admit it. I detest Christmas news letters. First off, they are extremely impersonal - mass-produced, if you will. Secondly, all too often, they turn into a bragging session on one's family/children. I really don't care that your kid was on the honor roll, or that the baby got potty-trained earlier than any kid in the universe - just give me a card, sign it, and a little note is a nice touch. :-)

Last year, my little sister, who is a pastor's wife, wrote an exaggerated Christmas letter for our family, and sent it only to us - myself, my parents, and my other sister and her family. I posted it on my blog, but if you want to smile, I am re-posting it here. It is full of exaggerations and sugary language, all in jest. For instance, my brother-in-law pastors a small country church, not a "mega church." To add to the fun, I am posting a cartoon I saw this week.

Now if you send Christmas letters, that's all and good, especially to people you rarely see, and I understand why people do them - but yes, I honestly detest them - so read our fake letter if you don't mind a letter in jest:

"Dear Friends,

We know you all have been anxiously awaiting our first annual family Christmas letter. Enclosed you will find a picture of our precious family...this photo was taken at the Pittsburgh Zoo. We had a wonderful day with out children and darling grandchildren looking at the animals and spending time together. We had the privilege of hosting Paul and Pam for their vacation in July. We all attended a superb 4th of July fireworks at Firestone Park.

Our favorite son and eldest child moved back from the state of Indiana around that same time and he is presently staying at Ma and Pop's place... the food and lodging can't be beat. He does a good job of test tasting all the food and eating our leftovers. He is working very hard and purchased a new car this year. He definitely would make some lucky girl a fine husband!

Our dear Vicki Sue and her hard-working husband are building an addition onto their house...kind of makes us wonder if we are going to be grandparents again :-). We already have the cutest and smartest grandchildren around. Sweet Stephanie, who just turned 13 does exceptionally well in school and is playing the piano. Adorable Allie is 10 and has a very caring attitude and is doing well in school and is also playing the piano. Cute little Caitlin is a joy to be around...and you should hear her read! What fine little ladies Vicki and Steve are raising! Steve is quite the hunter.

The baby of our family, little Pammy, is living in Pennsylvania...she is married to a fine young man who is pastoring a mega church. Paul is looking forward to being ordained this coming year. We are so proud! Josiah, at age 7, is quite a fine young man with an exceptional voice. He too is a good reader and a very good artist.

Little Benjamin is 4 and always wanting to help...he is so very thoughtful...such a good little boy. Then our dear little Nathan (such a cutie!) just turned 2. He is an exceptionally bright child...but we're not surprised...it just seems to come naturally in our family.

We hope you all have a chance to stop in and visit us over the holidays...we are sure you would enjoy seeing our beautiful home and enjoying our fellowship. Allan has our yard looking nice and has the house decorated very nicely outside...I wouldn't be surprised if our house doesn't win an award for best decorated on route 164!

Janet does such a good job of making the house look nice and she can cook you up and award-winning meal. and her Christmas cookies are simply the best! If you stop by, we have lots of photos of our family to show you and you may even get a chance to visit with our children and grandchildren! Wish we had more time to share, but know that this letter will make your day, even if it is a little short. Blessings on you and yours this Christmas season!

Ma and Pa Buzard