Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Comes to Pleasant Hill

Last night, our school had their yearly Christmas dinner and play. Some turkeys were donated for the meat, and everyone was to bring in a main dish and a cake or salad. Needless to say, there was a lot of great food. :-)

After the meal was over, some of the high school kids put on a play, Christmas Comes to Pleasant Hill, under the direction of the lovely and talented Miss Lori LaVan. The play is about Maggie, played by my niece, Stephanie, who is left alone when her pastor father dies, and she goes to live with her mean and nasty Aunt Bertha, who likes no one, and no one likes her. I thought the kids - and Lori - did great. For a small Christian school, the props and sets were great also. I put a few pictures below.

My niece, Stephanie - Maggie in the play. I thought she did an excellent job, but I could be prejudiced.

"Maggie" seeking advice from the store owner, Mr. Waddles, aka Denver Grabill, our pastor's son.

Maggie with her ailing father

The mean and nasty "Aunt Bertha", aka Jennifer McHugh - she did a great job with her character.

The town council meeting with Mayor Ben in charge - Benjamin Sanders

The town Christmas tree being decorated

The cast

A close up of the kitchen

Close up of the bedroom

And one more of my niece