Monday, December 14, 2009

Going green for Jesus........ A Green Rant

I will admit it. Be offended if you want, but I think the whole global warming thing is a fraud. Oh that's right, now that everyone is getting snow and cold temps, it is now called "climate change." Yeah, whatever. We had climate change when I was a kid. We called it summer, winter, spring, and fall. Huh, imagine that!

I about flipped my lid tonight. I was looking at a sales flyer that came in the mail from Family Christian stores. Towards the back, were the new VBS kits for the coming year. One of them, and I kid you not - is called "Going Green for Jesus." I about choked. Who wants their kid to go to VBS and get more of the political junk that is being shoved down our throats on a daily basis? I sure wouldn't want that.

There are 30,000 scientists who have examined global warming/climate change, and disagree with Al Gore and his followers. They agree that yes, there may be some climate change, but nothing to worry about, and nothing man-caused. But the other side is intent on ignoring and shutting up any debate. Any time someone who disagrees with Al Gore asks him a question, they are shut up and hauled away. He can't handle debate.

And something else that gets me, all of the big proponents of Global Warming are hypocrites. If Al Gore was so worried, he'd sell his sprawling energy-using house and his gas guzzling limo and cut down - but no, just we, the common man is supposed to do it. John Travolta, another G.W. hypocrite, has 4 jets. Yeah - 4. What does one person need with 4 jets? And what about global warming and his 4 jets?!

I have been seeing some of this "going green" stuff creeping into the Christian market. Guideposts magazine, which I don't really consider all that "Christian" was on the green kick for a while, and now some books are being marketed by Christian publishers. And now we have a VBS kit about going green. Excuse me while I go throw up.

I admit we shouldn't just trash the earth, and it doesn't hurt to recycle and do a few things like that, but get real - this earth is going to be around as long as God wants it to be, and then it is going to be destroyed by fire - and what do you wanna bet Al Gore will be there blaming it on global warming?!

I refuse to buy the reusable bags at stores. I want real bags. Paper or plastic. Paper can be used to wrap packages you mail, and the plastic make great garbage bags - see I do so recycle!

Our president has been over in Copenhagen promising that we are going to cut green house emissions and all that. If he does, it isn't going to help global warming - it will raise energy costs and cost jobs.

There may be some climate change, but I am one of the biggest skeptics. What do you think? And if my church uses the "going green for Jesus" VBS, I will be looking for a new church!

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Andi said...

I'll see you Al Gore, and the VBS kits. That's crazy. Espec. since GW is a farce! But John Travolta has an airplane company called Jet Blue. In fact his company was picking up airline flights during the summer when other airlines were dropping flights. His airplanes are ligit and needed. Your post is great though!