Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Talley Trio...Songs You Know By Heart

The Talley Trio has gotten their listeners involved in their last two recordings, a neat idea. This one, Songs You Know By Heart, is the most recent. Several months back, they announced that they were doing a CD of classic Gospel songs, and asked for suggestions, and they got a lot. They also had a deal on this CD. If you pre-purchased it, you could download the album before the CD even came out, and still get the actual CD. Since I actually had money back then, I took advantage of that, and now have the CD downloaded. The release of the CD is next month some time, I believe.

There is a pretty good song selection on this album. They kick it off with Amazing Grace. They attempted, and succeeded in a different and pleasing arrangement of this favorite hymn. Then there is The Promise, a newer Gospel song - good choice for the CD. Following that, the old song Just A Little Talk With Jesus. out to a different tune and arrangement - I prefer the classic tune, but still a good track.

I am far from being a fan of a capella music - bring on the pianos, guitars, drums, etc, but there are two a capella numbers. Pass Me Not, nice arrangement if you like no instruments. After it, is a song He's So Good to Me, a toe-tapper. I wasn't familiar with the song, but I sure like it, and they do an excellent job on it.

Hold On is the next song. It sounds vaguely familiar, and is a great song reminding us to hold on, for Jesus will be there. Another uptempo song that I never heard is It's Jesus. Great song and message.
The eighth song is the best on the album. An old Gospel classic, How Big Is God. Debra Talley really shines on this song. They do an awesome job on it, and the arrangement is fantastic. I have listened to this song twenty-two times since Sunday morning. How big is God. How big and vast, His vast domain. To try to tell, these lips can only start. He's big enough to rule this mighty universe, yet small enough to live within my heart. We used to sing the chorus in church when I was growing up. I miss singing it.

The other a capella song is next, He's A Personal Savior. I know I am biased against a capella, but I think it was a bad choice to do a capella. I think they could have pulled it off well with music.
Oh, What a Reason is a great song the Talleys did on their third CD. Not sure I would have recorded it again, but it is worth hearing, and doesn't detract from the album. Another song recorded again, is If It Had Not Been. Originally recorded when the Talley Trio was the Talleys, back in 1985, the new recording of the song is top-notch. Good choice.

Ending the 12-song CD is the classic He's Alive. I've always viewed this as a "guy song" - it is supposed to be Simon Peter singing it, but Lauren does a fantastic job on it. Move over, Dolly Parton, she beats you on it. Great arrangement, and overall, a great CD.