Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Talley Trio, Life Goes On

(I had started another blog to review books and CDs on, and have never done much with it. I am transporting those to here, so the most of the posts posted today have are old. I want to close the other blog, but wanted to keep the posts.)

This review is of the Talley Trio's new CD, Life Goes On. To be honest, they are one group I have gone off and on with interest over the years, but their last few CDs have been really top-notch, so I have had renewed interest in them. This CD especially was of interest to me. They started a new site especially to include people on the making of the project. They posted rough drafts of the songs as they worked on them via youtube videos, got CD name ideas from people, and even opinions on the groups' photos. I chipped in a few suggestions for the CD title, but mine weren't taken, but they did pick a good one. :-)

The CD starts out with an anthem type song, Realms of Glory Bright featuring Lauren. It is well done, and worth listening to over and over.

I've Never Been Loved Like You features Debra and Lauren, and is a beautiful ballad type, talking about God's love, and how we have never been loved like He loves.

Winds of This World is a bouncy song sung in Lauren's "soul" style. I like this song, and it talks about God's protection from Satan, even when the winds are blowing strong.

Calvary and Amazing Grace is #4 on the disc, and is my favorite cut. The song could be better titled "Thanks For Calvary and Amazing Grace". This is a slow song featuring Debra, has great lyrics, a tune that is pleasant on the ears, and is usually the first song I listen to from the CD. Guess it should have been the first track. :-)

I Will Sing Of My Redeemer starts out with an acappella version of the hymn by the same title, and also is featured later in the song. This is another favorite. It is basically another way of saying what the hymn says, but is still a great song with a nice bouncy tune.

My Hope Is In The Lord, track #6, features Roger, who though he isn't featured as much, does a great job when he is. This song starts out talking about Job, and all he had going wrong, but Job still said that his hope was in the Lord. The second verse comes up to modern times talking about a young man who just got bad news about his cancer, and his reply is the same as Job's, that his hope is in the Lord. Another slow song, and done very well, with a great reminder of where our hope is.

Comfort Me is a slow song. It has a good message asking God to comfort when all is going well. This song hasn't made a great impression on me yet, but it does have good lyrics.

Jesus You Are is another one I rank among the best on the CD. It is a fast & bouncy song that simply lists several things Jesus is: our King, our hiding place, etc. This pretty much features the whole group.

Hallelujah, Praise The Lamb is a remake of a song the Talleys did way back when Kirk was in the group instead of Lauren. I don't want to be too negative about the song, for it is well done, but compared to the original recording, it pales in comparison. The orginal had a choir and better arrangement. Lauren does OK on it, but they should have picked a different Talleys' song to remake in my humble opinion.

Life Goes On ends the CD, and is another I have to call a favorite. The song talks about how rough life can be, and how hopeless things can look, but..........."Life goes on, there is never an end, what was dead lives again, Jesus promised that life goes on for the ones who believe wil live eternally, so don't fear the great unknown, remember that life goes on". Awesome song, great album.