Friday, August 21, 2009

June Bug

I actually won this book from Tyndale, and am not required to review it, but thought it was a cute book - if guys can think something is cute. :-).

Its the story of a little girl, June Bug, who is traveling with her dad in an old beat-up RV. Life is pretty good, and then she sees a poster in a Walmart for a missing child. and it is her.

Is this man who calls himself her father, really her father? And what happened to her
mother? Does she have one?

The book isn't exciting as in the mystery/suspense exciting, but it is a great story, and a fun read. Hailed as a modern day retelling of the classic Les Miserables, the author does an excellent job of telling the story.

I had never read Les Miserables. but had watched the movie about six years ago or longer. I didn't think there were many similarities until I was describing the book to my friend. He is a big fan of Les Miserables, and said this book sounds a lot like it.

So, whether or not you have read and like the original, give this story a chance. Though I would have ended it differently, it is worth reading, and you won't be disappointed.