Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Every Now And Then

(I had started another blog to review books and CDs on, and have never done much with it. I am transporting those to here, so the most of the posts posted today have are old. I want to close the other blog, but wanted to keep the posts.)

I think I stated in my first post on this blog that I may review books on here also, so here goes.
Karen Kingsbury is my favorite author. She has a way of telling a story and making a point at the same time. In her fiction books, she has dealt with forgiveness, depression, marital unfaithfulness, even pornography, among other issues. I am not giving fiction the same importance as the Bible, or even church, but Jesus himself often used a story to get a point across, and many is the time I have put down a Karen Kingsbury book after reading it, feeling a new determination that I could make it. God can use anything to encourage and/or convict, and I believe that Karen Kingsbury is being used of God with the stories she writes.
This book, Every Now And Then, is book three in her 911 series, a look at fictional characters directly influenced by the events of 911. This book takes up now, 7 years after the tragedy. Alex Brady is the main character. Seven years ago, he lost his dad/best friend among the other rescue workers. At age 18, he became a different person, and shut God and everyone else.
To combat the bitter emptiness in his life, he set out to rid the world of all criminals that crossed his path, terrorist, or just local criminals up to no good. Working as a deputy with his K9 companion, Bo, he tried to avenge his father's death by putting away men like the ones who had been responsible for his father's death.
I won't give too much away, but the story shows how someone can change from a person who trusts God, but faced with a tragedy, gives up on God. It also shows how that same person can come back to God, and that He truly never gives up on us. I personally think this is one of her best books, but that could be because the book spoke to me. The plot is great, there is drama and excitement, and even danger and romance. What more could you ask for?