Monday, August 3, 2009


My best friend has written some really good - in my opinion - poems. He said I could publish them on here if I want. I know of someone who would benefit from reading them, so here they are:


If I could take your battles
And make each one my own
I would gladly do so
And face each one alone
If I could take your burdens
And make them mine instead
I would gladly take and carry them
Though they weigh as lead

When storms of life would hurt you
And cause you pain inside
My very soul would sacrifice
To give a place to hide

If sorrows you've know could be erased
Erase them I would do
Though my own should double
I'd do it just for you

When tears of grief would blind your sight
And blur the path ahead
My very life would offer
To feel your grief instead

If temptations that you face
I could face instead
Gladly would I face them
Though the battle find me dead

I have no strength to offer you
No wisdom of my own
But as your friend I offer you
To God and God alone

By Steven Matlock

When Light Breaks Upon the Heart

Black chains of night gripped my heart
Evil, cruel links choking out all light
I stumbled through the darkness
Searching helplessly for life

My spirit so despondent
I tried with all my might
Just to keep on walking
Through the bitter lonely night

Each time I fell
So hard it was
To get back up again
Until at last I stumbled
And could rise no more
Lying there so helpless
Surrounded by my sin

Then somewhere in the blackness
A still small voice I heard
Saying, "Just look up"
"Your need I'll meet"
"If only you believe"

At first I wondered
Could this truly be
But one feeble simple cry
Brought grace that lifted me

When Light breaks upon the heart
All sin must quickly flee
For with the presence of the Light
The darkness cannot be

Are you struggling with a heavy load of sin
Just look up from where you are
And let Jesus Christ come in
The light He will give to you
Will lift you far above
The lonely road you travel
So empty without love

Just claim the blood of Jesus
Trust wholly in his name
And rest in grace and mercy
Believing on His name

When Light breaks upon the heart
You'll never be the same
For new life is yours for taking
When you simply call His name

By Steven Matlock


You say with each temptation
You always provide escape
But once again I've given in
There's weakness in my feet
You say if I will follow
You'll lead in paths of peace
But once again I'm falling, Lord
Will I ever find Your peace?

It seems I always fall
Just outside the door
And many times I wonder, Lord
What's the struggle for?
It seems I rarely see
The way You're guiding me
And once again I've given in
Surrendered up my strength

I try to run to find escape
But never quite arrive
The path seems so confusing,
Light so blinding to weak eyes
Dear Lord, hear my plea
And give me strength to stand
When Satan comes and lies to me
To stand in You and not on sand

For only in You Lord
Can strength to stand be found
And the relief I seek from the battle's heat
The peace I'm longing for
Is found only when
I repentant, broken fall
At Your feet and find my place
In the shadow of Your cross

Lord help me to know Your ways
Surrendering every day
To stay when You want me to stay
And run when You want me to run
To stop fighting in my own strength
Every battle as it comes
But know my only weapon's found
In the blood of Your dear Son.

By Steven Matlock

Tearing Down the Walls

It seems I'm always struggling
Just trying to keep up
No matter how fast I'm running
It's never quite enough
So easily I'm distracted
Then I trip and fall
Once again despairing
I've run into a wall

The walls I find, I've built myself
I offer no excuse
But built so high, within my heart,
They seem impossible to remove
And strength so quickly ebbs away
As I struggle through each day
I'm never quite remembering
That my strength is found in You

So once again I'm asking
Please forgive these sins
And give me faith and open eyes
To focus once again
Let me see Your face
The compassion in Your eyes
And someday know this long, hard race
Will lead me to the prize

Lord, I'm so unworthy
That You should call my name
But when from You I turn my face
You keep calling just the same
For in Your love and by Your Son
Redemption has been bought
My part is simply, always
Keep my eyes upon Your cross

The years and years of seeking
No longer are they vain
For in Your hands I place my life
No longer will I run
But by Your grace
Because of love
I give my heart to You
Your sacrifice now claim
And gladly become your son

Only Your paths will lead me to the truth
And only Your grace can strengthen my resolve
Only Your hand can lead me home to You
And only Your love can tear down every wall

By Steven Matlock

The Mountain

I walked up the mountain
So sad and all alone
My burden so very heavy
My strength was almost gone
So great my doubt and fears
I could not carry on
I longed for something better
I prayed to God for dawn
But still the darkness lingered
Refusing to let go
Fear closed in around me
All hope was fading fast
But God in tender mercy
So softly He did call
And once I finally answered
My sins, He took them all

The cross raised high on Calvary
It's shadow falling down
The sight so great, the wonder
No words can ever tell
But somehow on that mountain
Christ broke the chains of hell

I can but imagine Him
Walking up that hill
The cross weighed down upon Him
To rescue me from hell
Though I wasn't there that day
I know that He saw me
For I have found the sweetest peace
His blood was shed for me

The cross raised high on Calvary
It's shadow falling down
The sight so great, the wonder
No words can ever tell
But on that cruel mountain
Christ rescued me from hell

By Steven Matlock