Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mystery of The Missing Watch

I'm not in my second childhood, but got a juvenile fiction book to review. The Double Cousins And The Mystery of The Missing Watch. Written by Miriam Jones Bradley and available from Winepress Publishing. Double cousins are when siblings marry siblings, so the main characters of the book are "double cousins." Max & Carly, age ten, and Chad & Molly, age eight, plus the older teenager, Dorie.

The five of them are staying with their grandparents' ranch for their annual visit, and in addition to the chores, they also find a mystery to solve. Actually two mysteries. Several years before, their grandfather's grandfather's twin brother headed West, never to be heard from. Can the kids figure out what happened to the missing twin, all these years later?

Added to their mystery is the new ranch hand, Slim. He seems awfully mysterious and seems to keep to himself a lot. Then Max finds something in Slim's room that turns their sleuthing onto him.

Even though the book is geared for kids, I'd say 10-12 or so, I enjoyed the book. The outcome was a bit predictable, but then, I am an adult, and the average kid reading it may not see the outcome as quickly.

This book would be terrific for kids. It is Christian, and the author does not shy away from Christian content. In addition, the kids are innocent kids, not the hip kind often portrayed in even Christian books. These kids aren't obsessed with make-up, clothes, and popularity. They are focused on doing what is right, and solving a mystery along the way.

If you are looking for not just clean books for your kids, but a book that focuses on the right things, check out this author. I am guessing that is is the first in what may be a series.