Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jim Brady, Solo

(I had started another blog to review books and CDs on, and have never done much with it. I am transporting those to here, so the most of the posts posted today have are old. I want to close the other blog, but wanted to keep the posts.)

The CD I have been waiting for finally is out. Jim Brady, solo. The other 2 members of the Booth Brothers, Ronnie & Michael Booth, came out with their solo CDs early this year, and I was hoping, and even sent an email to the Booth Brothers saying so -that Jim Brady would also do a solo CD. I am sure I had nothing to do with the idea, and that it was probably already in the works.
The CD comes with printed lyrics and Jim's notes on the songs, and a DVD of the making of the CD. It also has 12 songs - I love it when an artist does more than the normal quota of 10 songs. All 12 were written or co-written by Jim.
The CD kicks off with the fast tempo song "The Sun Will Shine Again". The song has a great message of hope for those who are going through a dark time, reminding them things will get better.
"Never A Doubt" was written about Jim's growing up years, how God always provided, that there was never a doubt that He would. Even though the song is personal from his standpoint, it could be about a lot of families that stayed true to God in spite of life and what it throws at families.
"Just As I Am" is a great duet with Michael English. Not the well known hymn often used in altar calls, the song points out that God takes each of us "Just As I Am" and forgives us. We don't have to be someone else, or be anything for Him to save us, and that He loves me too much to leave me "just as I am".
Next up is a cool song, "It Takes Faith". The song spends most of the time pointing out how everything in life takes faith, from driving a car, to not believing that there is anything beyond this life, but says at the end of all this that you gotta have faith in the right thing.
"Never Let You Go" is a nice song for couples, and is one he wrote for his wife.
"On My Way" is another fast tempo song that talks about what is in store for us some day when faith becomes a reality, that I am not there yet, but I am "on my way"
"Don't Ever Miss The Chance" is a song that will make you appreciate the people in your life you are closest to, and reminds us to never miss a chance to tell them "I love you", for we don't always get to tell people good-bye. Life is so uncertain, we don't know when we part ways from someone what could happen to them, or to us, after we part. Not necessarily a religious-sounding song, but makes a good point.
"River In The Rain" is another great song, starts off fast, and keeps that tempo the whole song. Gives the simple idea that after a dry spell, our hearts are dying for water, and when the rain comes, how refreshing it is to come out of that dry spell.
The 9th track, "My Sister", was written by Jim Brady for his sisters, 5 of them, to say what they mean to him. He had no intention of it being on this CD, but was urged to include it. I am glad he did. I never had a brother, and wanted one badly, but am thankful for my 2 sisters. The song is a nice tribute to any sister.
My favorite song on the CD is "Good to Be Free". The style sounds like Rascal Flatts or Keith Urban, bouncy country feel to it. Awesome song. Talks about what it is like to be free after being locked up in chains, which is what we all were before Christ came along.
"To Know You More" is a slow song that really puts me under conviction. I need to do what the song says, make my utmost longing to know God more. None of us know Him as well or deeply as we could, and I could really use work in that area.
The CD ends with the "bonus track", a song written by Jim and recorded by Gold City and the Talley Trio, "Truth Is Marching On". This song is awesome. I first heard it by the Talley Trio, and they do a great job on it. I wasn't sure how a soloist would pull it off, even the guy who wrote it, but he does an excellent job, helped by his back-up vocalists, who added a lot to the CD. No studio vocalists here: Marshall Hall of the Gaither Vocal Band, Terry Franklin, formerly of the GVB, Melissa Brady, 2 of the Martins.
In my opinion, Jim Brady is one of the greatest singers and song writers in Southern Gospel Music today. He rounds out the Booth Brothers and blends with them to make an awesome trio, sounds great with his wife, and sounds great here on his first solo CD. Great job, Jim.