Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Walk to Remember.....The Bridge

There is a 12-mile paved walking/biking trail here in town. The one end starts about 1/2 mile from my parents' house. It goes straight through the woods, crosses several roads, and ends in the next town up, Leetonia. I always walk on this end - when I walk - today I decided to branch out, so I drove about five miles to the "Teagarden Covered Bridge" where the same trail crosses around the curve. Here are some pictures of the bridge. Built in 1876, it is not in use anymore, but is just a historical marker.

They have a large parking lot and picnic tables on the site. Pretty cool place to go visit for a while. There are better pictures of the bridge here, including a nice shot of the interior, but I am still going to post the pictures I took - I was in a photo-taking mood - should have taken my camera along, but all I had was my phone.

Below: picture from the far end of the bridge - the exit side

The parking lot. There are several picnic tables to the left, and that is my white car third vehicle over. :-)

The creek that the new and old bridge crosses..

Close-up picture

Another picture of the bridge - my phone has no flash, or I would have taken an inside shot

The information sign. If you click on the picture, it gets big enough to read - one thing it says is there used to be 250 covered bridges in Columbiana County, and of those, only five remain, this being one of the five.


Kim M. said...

Yay for Mark! So glad you enjoyed your walk. I love walking, especially on cool days. That bridge is awesome; if you like covered bridges you have to get over here for the covered bridge festival in the fall!