Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Through The Fire

This book is not a book I was sent to review. I actually won it. I have eyed it ever since it came out, but I am always leery to try a new author even when I do have money to buy books, plus it is an "I" book (first person), which is my least favorite type of book. I entered to win a copy a few weeks ago, and actually forgot all about it until I received an email telling me I had won it.

Through The Fire, is Shawn Grady's first book, and he did an awesome job on it. Besides now being an author, he is also a fireman and paramedic, which is what he writes about in his debut novel.

Even though this is a first person novel, I really enjoyed this book - maybe I am just getting used to that style of writing. The main character, Aiden O' Neil is a firefighter. Knowing that the author also is, helps the reader know the firefighting scences in the book are realistic, and he knows what he is talking about.

Besides there being a lot of firefighting scenes, there is also a bit of romance, and suspense. Aiden's father was killed in a fire five years previously, and he and others don't think it was an accident.
There is also the faith element in the story. The main character struggled with some of the same issues I deal with - trusting God, believing He really cares - so it helped reinforce the truth that He does care.

The reader is kept guessing on the identity of the arsonist/murderer, but I wasn't totally surprised when his identity was revealed, as the thought had occurred to me that the person might be the one - I love it when I figure something out like that. :-)

If you read fiction, and want to try out a new author - and a great one. Get hold of a copy of Through The Fire by Shawn Grady. You won't be disappointed.