Monday, September 28, 2009

Canaan Revisited, A CD Review

Word Music recently revived the Canaan Music label, which for years was home to Southern Gospel artists such as the Nelons, Talleys, Goodmans, and more. This double CD contains songs all recorded in years past. There are thirty songs in all, so I am not going to mention them all, but it is a great representation of the music these artists recorded on this label over the years.
The CD contains songs by six groups: The Nelons, Talleys, Florida Boys, Inspirations, Goodmans, and the Cathedrals.
Some of the top favorites of mine on this CD are: Triumphantly, The Church Will Rise by the Talleys, Statue of Liberty by the Cathedrals, When He Was On The Cross, I Was On His Mind by the Florida Boys, Step Into The Water by the Cathedrals.
There are many other great songs on this CD. Definitely worth listening to over and over again.
Music clips can be listened to here: