Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Walk To Remember

No, this has nothing to do with the book or movie. :-) I decided to take a walk today, beautiful, cool day for one. As mentioned in my previous post, I went to a different part of the Greenway Trail for a change of scenery. I had a great walk, listened to my Ipod, and enjoyed God's creation. Walking through the woods on a paved trail is a very enjoyable experience. And to those who wonder, I am not sure how far I walked. After I started, I ran onto mile marker 5 and didn't walk to mile marker 6 - I walked about 45 minutes, and figure I did at least a mile, maybe more. It felt like more. :-)

Where I entered the trail. And yes, it was that shady. I didn't need the sunglasses I took along.

A "rest area" on the trail. And nope, I didn't use it.

A view of the trail from a more sunny perspective, though most of the trail was shaded.

A rock wall beside the trail.

The picture below is supposed to be of three deer I saw below the trail, but I really can't pick them out. But they are there, and it was neat to see them.

A bridge on the trail, and where I turned around to head back.

I thought this was neat. Part of a fallen tree that has vegetation growing out of it. I had the thought occur to me that if God can cause a plant to grow out of a dead log, then surely He can cause new life to grow in hearts that we think are beyond hope. We all have people we are praying for, and wonder if they will ever mind God, but who knows the seeds God has planted in their hearts.

The creek that the covered bridge and new bridge crosses, far below the trail.
I really did enjoy my walk. I would have enjoyed a walking buddy, but it was still nice to walk through the woods. Ran onto a few bikers and a woman with a dog which seemed more afraid of me, than I was of it.
One song that played as I was walking really came home to me as I walked along:

Sometimes it seems God's a million miles away
Too busy for a creature such as I
And then I think of how He sees each sparrow fall
I call on Him and find that he is nigh

In valleys low I look toward the mountains high
And praise the Lord that caused this world to be
To think that God so great holds me safe within his arms
What love that He should ever care for me

The eyes of Jesus
Are upon each footstep that I take
His ears are always open when I pray
His hands are always there to help me lift my heavy load
His heart is broken every time I stray

And when I got back home, I found freshly fried bacon, fresh tomatoes, and lettuce, so I had a delicious BLT....... minus the mayo, of course. :-)