Monday, September 28, 2009

The Ride, by the Hoppers - A CD Review

The Hoppers are up at the top of my favorite mixed groups, and are most likely the best Southern Gospel family group out there. Comprised of Claude & Connie Hopper, their sons Dean & Michael, and Dean's wife, Kim, the Hoppers have perfected their sound.
This CD, The Ride, comes with thirteen songs, instead of the usual ten - and I love it when an artist gives you more songs for your money.
They start off with the bouncy and fun Freedom Band. Cool song, and a favorite.
The Dove is the second cut, and brings out a unique thought - maybe right, maybe not. It starts out talking about the dove that Noah sent out from the ark that never returned. The song puts forth the idea that the dove just kept flying through time until it lit on Jesus' shoulder at His baptism - far fetched? Maybe, but a neat idea, and a neat song.
Yahweh is next, a cool somewhat repetitive song talking about what Jesus accomplished. The Applause of Heaven tells what it might be like when we step into Heaven - a beautiful and thoughtful song.
Another two favorites are next: My Only Option gives the idea what to do when we face a mountain - our only option may be to climb it. Dean & Kim's oldest daughter debuts on God Already Knew - a song of assurance that no matter what we go through, God already knew we would go through it, and is there to help us through it. An awesome song.
Grace Will Always Be Greater Than Sin is a great reminder that no matter how deep the sin, God's grace is always greater - great song, and something we need reminded of.
Let The Redeemed Say So - a song the Nelons did several years ago - one of those songs with a lot of underparts - Kim gets to show her stuff on this one, and they do the song in style. A great, upbeat song.
He Erased It is a great reminder of what God did with our sin. Another awesome song from this CD.
Try A Little Kindness/Less of Me - an oldie, but a goodie. And it doesn't hurt to be reminded we need to be more kind to those we meet. A "fun song".
Haven Called Heaven - a pretty, slow song that talks about Heaven, and how it will worth getting there.
I'm Just Waiting For My Ride, the song the CD title comes from, is an upbeat, fun song that talks about being ready and waiting for Heaven - another favorite.
The CD closes with a re-recording of a popular Hoppers' song - That's Him. Though I think the original recording and version of the song is the best, this newer, shorter version is still worth adding to the CD - and a great reminder that Jesus is coming soon to take away His bride.
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