Monday, September 28, 2009

Touching Wonder....Reclaiming The Awe of Christmas

As I stated before, I can't resist Christmas books, and have quite a few of them - in storage of course. When I saw this small book listed to review, I grabbed it up simply because it is a Christmas book.

Titled, Touching Wonder, and subtitled, Recapturing the Awe of Christmas, this small book, novella size, has only 122 pages, but the author tries a great undertaking in this small book: recapturing the awe of Christmas.

I am not famliar with the author, John Blase, but he talks about having a "slack-jawed awe" of Christmas when he was younger, and how he - and we all need to have that again. He has a good point. The Christmas story has lost its wonder for so many of us, and we do need to look at the story afresh. God sending His only Son into this world as an innocent baby, born in the shadow of a cross.

Each chapter starts out with Scripture from the Christmas story, taken from The Message. Then follows a sketch about one of the people in the story. Zachariah, Elisabeth, Mary, Gabriel, Jospeh - and others.

The author does have a way with words. One line that caught my attention: Time pulled eternity from the womb of a girl, and bloodstained Love spilled on the hay. I think he pulled off what he wanted - he does help the reader recapture the awe of Christmas. Though three months away, I hope the message of this little book sticks with me, and I will most likely read it again closer to Christmas Day.

Available now, from David C. Cook