Friday, September 18, 2009

Kim Hopper, I Just Wanted You To Know

I like Kim Hopper's singing and style better when she sings with The Hoppers, but this is a good CD, her second solo effort: I Just Wanted You To Know.
When God Sings kicks off the CD. A slow & thoughtful song, and presents the neat of idea of what it is like when God sings.
Promised Land is a bouncy, pleasing to the ear song that talks about what it will be like in Heaven. Previously recorded by The Crabb Family, Kim's version holds its own, and is a favorite.
Gospel to The World presents the Great Commission - a neat song, and another favorite.
What Will I Wear has a bluegrass song talks about what we will wear in Heaven - cool song, nice bouncy tune.
The Woman in My Little Girl's Room is the best song on the CD. Sung as a duet, Kim & Dean Hopper present a tear-jerking song that talks about how fast little girls grow up. Even though I am not a parent, I am an uncle to 3 great girls who are growing up too fast, so this song makes me get a bit misty-eyed. It sounds like something Tim McGraw & Faith Hill might sing. Awesome song.
The Devil Lost His Keys - talks about the devil losing his keys to death, hell, and the grave when Jesus rose from the dead. A neat idea for a song, but not one I am too crazy about. It is too "something."
The beautiful That Sounds Like Heaven to Me is another song talking about Heaven - Kim does a great job on the song.
Come Out Praising is a faster song that points out praising is the key to get through our troubles - great song and message.
The title song ends the CD, I Just Wanted You To Know. A slow song telling God how much we love Him.
Though a totally different sound from The Hoppers, the CD is pleasing to the ear, and has some good messages in the songs, and Kim Hopper is most likely the best soprano in Southern Gospel music.