Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's Wrong With Christians?

A friend of mine sent me a link to this blog post (Generation Cedar). Will copy and paste here, short, but worth reading, and I think she is right on:

"We are creatures of control. Beings given to making lists, planning ahead, and anticipating the future. I think we were made that way, and those things have their place. But we make a mistake when we too carefully plan our “life list”…

The title asks, “What’s wrong with Christians?”

If you ask most Christians to make a list of priorities, they would start with “God” as number 1. “You gotta put God first“…sounds right. But it’s not. God can’t be compartmentalized…who do we think we are?

God must consume–encompass, our list. In fact, the list must really be His…only scribbled in pencil with our hand, ready with eraser.

When we were redeemed, we were given a new nature, and were commanded to continually crucify the old one. That old one that wants to remain in control….to clutch our list tightly to our breast, and raise a fist if the order gets rearranged or disregarded all together. But we still struggle so, don’t we, with “Your ways are not my ways, nor are your thoughts My thoughts…”?

We don’t live “God-consumed lives”, where every bullet-point is surrendered to His will and purpose. We still fidget to fit God around our agenda, neatly tucked in the right places and smoothed out of the way of others.

But once we do–if ever we get there, surely it is the sweetest place of peace and joy one ever lived. Just to know that “all is well” even if it’s not. That I no longer have to wring my hands over this decision or that, because every ounce of myself is wholly given to only one thing…“In Him, I live and move and have my being…” Acts 17:28" by Kelly, Generation Cedar