Thursday, July 2, 2009


If you like creepy, scary fiction that is clean and has a Christian message, Brandilyn Collins' books are for you. My sisters refuse to read them. They insist her books are too scary and give them nightmares. What wimps. :-)

Exposure is her latest book on the market, and as far as I can tell, is a stand alone title. A very exciting - and yes, scary story.

The main character, Kaycee Raye, seems to be a bit of a psycho. She is paranoid, and has the police over so often for nonexistent issues, that they have chalked her up to being as crazy. So when she suddenly says she is being watched, who is going to believe her? Evidence appears, then disappears before the police can see it. Is she truly going crazy this time, or is someone truly out to get her in real life, not in just her paranoid imagination?

There are two stories going on simultaneously in this book, and eventually the reader sees the link between the two, that they are very much indeed related.

Besides a really good & exciting suspense/mystery story, the book delivers a couple of messages in a non-preaching way. First off, we need to trust God in all things. If we quit trusting Him and keep expecting the worst, we can turn out to be a paranoid person like our fictional Kaycee. The other message/lesson: you will reap what you sow - and partnered with that, be sure your sins will find you out.

If you have never read a Branilyn Collins book, give her a try. I will warn you of this: you may not want to read her books at night while you are all alone. Christian they may be, but they are also quite suspenseful and can be a tad bit scary