Saturday, July 25, 2009

God Has Never Failed Me......

I don't read much fiction, which may be a bad thing, who knows? But today I have actually read three non-fiction books - hey, it has been a boring day, and I read fast. First up was Disappointment With God by Phillip Yancey, a book a friend bought me saying I needed to read it - he needs to read it himself! Then I read the book about the buzzards circling by Stan Toler, and liked it so well, that I read the other book I was given to review: God Has Never Failed Me, But He's Sure Scared Me To Death A Few Times.

Again, this book was written to encourage, and encourage it does. The author addresses the issues of stress, depression, and faith. He gives ways to avoid stress and ways to know that you are stressed - most of them meant to be amusing.

This book is also full of amusing stories and anecdotes, some of which made me laugh out loud. In one of the chapters dealing with stress, he tells the story of a friend who simply tried to fix a leaky faucet, and what an amusing mess that turned out to be.

There are poems, more hymn lyrics, and stories of what people have gone through to show we don't really have it all that bad. Though very similar in style to his other book, this book does address different issues. It made me decide to try harder and to somehow not let depression and stress get the best of me.

Like its sequel, this book has some amusing chapter and section titles such as: "Humor Keeps Getting In The Way of My Depression" and "I've Gone to look for myself. If I return before I get back, ask me to wait."

I close with a quote from the book that I really liked: "I try to keep up with the Joneses, but every time I catch up, they refinance!"

If you are stressed, depressed, or just need a good "pick-me-up," check this book out, and its sequel, The Buzzards Are Circling, but God's Not Finished With Me Yet. You will find them both helpful and encouraging. I know that I did.


Kim M. said...

I like that title! The Buzzards! LOL... I think that is hilarious!